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2021 Cake Design Contest WINNERS!

We are so excited to announce the winners and runners-up for all six categories from the 2021 cake design contest!

Congratulations to everyone!

Animals sponsored by renshaw academy

Winner: Samaneh Karimiyan

2nd place: Lindy Smith – Lindy’s Cakes

3rd place: Brinda Assi – B Bakes London

4th place: Sandra Griggs Smiley – Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Sprinkles sponsored by wholesale sugarflowers

Winner: Susie Jacobs – SusieMakes LLC

2nd place: Julia Glowacki

3rd place: Christina Andropolis – Christina Marie Cakes

4th place: Sheri Wilson – Cake Design by Sheri

Colours of the Rainbow sponsored by portaleo paints by sugarin

Winner: Makenzie Kus – Something Blue Bakery

2nd place: Silvia Pawlowska

3rd place: Michelle Becker

4th place: Bich Van Phan – ChipChap Cake

Celebrating kerry Vincent sponsored by roxy & rich

Winner: Romina Novellino


2nd place: Joanne Wieneke – The Little Cake Patch

3rd place: Adelina Baicu – Adelina Baicu Cake Artist

4th place: Sandra Griggs Smiley – Sugar Sugar by SSmiley


Winner: Shweta Bhargava – Shweta Bhargava Creations

2nd place: Leanne Harry – Kake By Leanne Harry

3rd place: Fransiska Wongso – Fransiska Wongso Cake Design

4th place: Pooja Nanda Sareen – SugarFanciesbyPooja


Winner: Olga Blinova – Cake by Oli

2nd place: Sabrina Sigouin – La Belle Pâtissière

3rd place: Tetyana Semenets

4th place: Jenna Jenkins – Butter Sugar Flour

People’s Choice

Chris Sacro