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January 2017 Product Review: Cupcake Bouquet by Doric Cake Crafts

This brand new product by Doric Cake Crafts introduces their new, stunning cupcake bouquet. The pack contains one bouquet box, seven cup holders, coloured tissue paper and a pull bow. We decided to have a whirl at assembling this remarkable bouquet together.

We tried out the product with our pre-made and decorated cupcakes. Upon assembling the box, we found it really easy; the bottom flap interlocks into place and it’s a very sturdy box. The pull bow ribbon was very easy, with the two thinner strips at the end, and pulling both strips slowly a time created a beautiful big bow.


Squeezing the neck and tying it tightly with the pull bow ribbon was as simple as it can get. You just need to keep the pressure on the neck and gently knot the ribbon together. It’s a very light box and is fairly deep and hollow inside – scrunching up tissue paper helps to fill the cavity.

To make it weightier, we found putting a bag of sweets inside also helps too. Plus, once you eat all the cupcakes, there’s a little hidden surprise at the bottom.

We added a little touch of tissue paper, after all, it is a bouquet. We laid the cups first onto a hard surface, just to get the circumference correct, then lifted them altogether and placed it on the top of the tissue paper. The cups do not sit inside, they are laid around the side, and the middle cup helps secure the rest in place.   


Slotting our beautiful cupcakes into the cups was easy. We did tweak a few here and there, just to make sure they sat properly, but other than that, we love how it looks.

The Cupcake Bouquet makes a great gift for your loved ones, something different other than a box of cupcakes.

The boxes are available in 10 colours, pulled bows in 8 and the tissue paper in 4.

For more information, visit: