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A Painted Easter Collaboration

This festive Easter period have been a fabulous year for beautiful Easter Cake Collaborations. Perfect for Easter Monday blues, we are excited to share with you some beautiful creations from a “Painted Easters” Collaboration.

Creative director, Rebecca Hauger of Becca’s Edible Art and LeAnn Wheat of Cheerful Heart Bakery decided to start their own collaboration this Easter dedicated to technique of hand painting.  To add a bit of fun to the whole event, it was also decided to create an Easter egg hunt through the pieces, by asking each artist to hide and egg in their work – preferably not in an obvious manner. What more could be love about this collaboration!

More than a celebration of Easter, this collaboration challenged an group international sugar artists to try their hand at the art of hand-painting and what is extra, “A Painted Easter” is dedicated to Ruth Rickey and her favoured charity Go Mitch Go. Ruth has been such an inspiration to sugar artists around the world. Ruth has a reputation for being so kind to everyone, and for her willingness to help others in the area of sugar art. But more so, she has shown a tremendous strength of will by not only overcoming a rare form of leukemia, but also by embracing life and thriving after entering remission. Please visit Go Mitch Go, read Mitch’s story, and consider donating to help find a cure for childhood blood cancers.

Below are a few of our favourite pieces from the collaboration:

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