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A Sugar Artist Tea Party – Cake Collaboration

For this very special collaboration a selection of 50 cake and sugar artists recreate tea services in different styles and settings.

This beautiful theme has been interpreted in so many unique ways, it is clear to see why it is such a popular topic to design and create around, this collaboration shines light on cake artists who haven’t been in the spotlight yet but do such interesting and exceptional work, the collaboration is wonderful theme that allows the designer to explore the idea of the tea service and create something different that we haven’t seen before.

The tea service is interpreted here in a classic black and white design by Bellaria Cake Design, the creative use of black and white is absolutely divine it is understated and classy The billowing stripe design at the bottom is truly beautiful and is a real eye catcher. This cake is sophisticated and glamourous and the subtle extras such as the pearls and flowers are perfect in complimenting the cake.

This beautiful, abstract piece by Eliana Morales for Chiki, New York, is a fantastic interpretation of the brief, the way the teapot and cup look as though they are being absorbed by the cake is fascinating, we love this design for its imagination and use of bright colours. It’s a fascinating surrealist 3D design that we have not seen anything quite like before.

This is a cute antique design we love by Sugar Bee Shaes. Its extremely pretty and we love the vintage details scattered around the main cake that complete the whole design, from the gorgeous tea-cups, and the sweet macaroons, to the tea spoon, roses and doily these delicate details are so pretty and juxtaposed to the wood grain texture of the main cake and the chalkboard in the centre. The chalkboard is then beautifully finished with a lovely decorative piece around it. Its a cake that beautifully and simply sums up the brief in the most perfect way.

This woodland animal afternoon tea “hang out” is adorable, we love the way the cute woodland creatures are too small for their chairs and not even their plumped up cushions can let them see over the table, we also love the beautiful sugar flowers and they are a wonderful centrepiece for the table, it’s a lovely playful interpretation of the brief and an adorable design.

This is a stunning design and setting, that looks so beautiful and picturesque, it looks like a real show stopping eye catching piece, every detail was thought carefully about and the inclusion of a traditional afternoon tea with the decorative tropical birds and butterflies creates a scene straight out of a storybook such as Cinderella. It’s a inspiring setting with an enviable tea service.

Sugar Penguin have created a beautiful display using pretty pink sugar flowers and a gorgeous gold and white cake, these three colours compliments each other wonderfully and the black polka dot tea pot against the black and white striped board connect the whole cake together in a really stylish and stunning way, the overall look of the design is really beautiful and sweet.

More photos here:

See the full collaboration here!

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