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Alternative Wedding Cake Toppers

Inspiration for when your average bride and groom topper just isn’t enough!

Here’s a collection of alternative wedding cake toppers featuring some innovative ideas from an amazing group of cake artists…

Emma Ball – Richard’s Cakes

“When asked to design an unusual wedding couple, my first thoughts went straight to fantasy designs… mermaids, dragons, fairies… I love all styles of fantasy art so it was great to get the chance to create something myself! I decided to make fairies in a beautiful heart posy of flowers, a fun decoration to place on top of an unique wedding cake.”

[caption id=”attachment_30068″ align=”aligncenter” width=”524″>Photography: Tim Brook Photo Photography: Tim Brook Photo

Fiona Brook – Cakes by No More Tiers

“The Mod scene is still very much alive and kicking in 2016, and these bride and groom sugar scooters would make the perfect cake toppers for a thoroughly Mod-ern wedding! Why not customise the rear number plates with the date of the wedding?”

Angela Morrison – Cakes by Angela Morrison

“Nature and everything that lives in it inspires me. I leave my feelings and thoughts impressed on my work. He’s a gentleman and she is a sweet soul, both are made for each other. Her lightness is transmitted on her ruffled ivory dress and his love is represented on his endless lovely sight. Love makes two, one!”

Sheila Honrado-Haughie – I Love Cakes by Sheila

“A black wedding dress would be my version of a non-traditional wedding and so my wedding topper design evolved and became an angel and devil theme. I named this wedding topper “Devious Love”. The devil lady is in love with this angel and wants to marry him. The angel refused and as he was trying to fly away, the devil lady’s tail caught him by the leg.”

Octopus wedding summer steampunk

Federica Cipolla – Le Delizie Di Kicca

“With this summery wedding cake, I wanted to show you my interpretation of a style that has inspired many artists: steampunk.”

Yanira Anglada – Cake Therapy

“I’ve created the ‘groovy kind of love’ topper especially for Cake Masters. I loved the idea of using objects to represent couples in love. I made three sketches, but a family survey proved this couple to be the most popular. I was inspired by the retro style of the iconic cars. While I was working on the piece, I kept thinking about “A Groovy Kind of Love” by Phil Collins, which is one of my favourite love songs.”

Elina Prawito – Bake-a-boo Cakes

“I wanted to make a bride and groom topper that is modern but also fun and cute. Most importantly, they need to reflect the bride and groom’s personality.”

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