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An Introduction To Hindi Tv Serial Dill Mill Gayye

An Introduction To Hindi Tv-serial: Dill Mill Gayye

In modern combat 5 hack cheats a nutshell, Dill Mill Gayye is a TV-Serial about five young doctor interns who are very close friends. The show is about the problems and hardships that these doctors have to overcome. It’s a story about both their careers and their personal lives. Let’s meet the characters in the show.

Shashank Gupta heads the Sanjeevani hospital. As the head of the hospital, he is the idol that all interns want to become. He is highly competent in surgery, and all interns and even residents of the hospital aspire to be like him. He has two young daughters, who are also important characters in the show.

Dr Riddhima is nba live mobile cheats hack one of Shashank’s daughter. At 21, she is one of the interns at the hospital. She has a warm and kind hearted personality. She also has a strong sense of justice and stands up for what she believes to be right.

Dr Anjali Gupta is Riddhima’s elder sister. Unlike her sister, she’s highly ambitious and competitive. She’s also very used to getting things done her way, and has an attitude. As such, she’s often not the most well-liked among patients. But that doesn’t seem to bother her. pixel gun 3d cheats online hack She’s very beautiful (and she knows it) and wouldn’t hesitate to be manipulative at times.

Dr Atul Joshi is a very popular character in the show. He plays the role of a much needed friend in the chaotic lives of the interns. He’s very popular with ladies but remains romantically detached. Due to his non-involvement in romance, he’s able to treat his friends as just friends without complicating things.

Dr Sapna Shah is a simple character who comes from a rich family. She’s the youngest in a family of three children. Her two elder sisters married at a young age and already had to take on the responsibility of taking care of children. After observing the lives of her sisters, she has decided that it’s not a live that’s appealing for her. Therefore, she hopes to carve out a career as a doctor, hoping to escape a fate that could be similar to that of her sisters.

Dr Arman Mallik is a handsome young intern at the hospital. Unlike Atul, he’s frequently connected to women romantically. He comes from a well to do family and never care much for material stuff.

The five characters play very different roles in the show and allow the show to portray many different aspects of the human experience. Without any one of the characters, the show would be incomplete and definitely less interesting. But when the characters come together, sparks start to fly and interesting situations start to surface.

The TV-Serial recently completed 200 episodes. With a growing fan base and the completion of the 200th episode, there are many reasons for the acting staff and the production crew to celebrate.