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This article was taken from our April 2019 Issue Buy this issue now

April 2019 Product Review: SweetStamp

This month, we had the chance to try Sweet Stamp by Amy Cakes!

Adding lettering to your cakes has never been easier! Sweet Stamp is a fantastic product that will save you time and help give a professional finish to your cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more.

We decided to test the Sweet Stamp on a small 6×6” round celebration cake. After preparing our cake with a covering of pink and white marbled fondant, we set it aside and took out the Sweet Stamp letter trays. We really loved the style of the lettering and were very impressed with how clean-cut they were. Having the letters clearly set out in both the uppercase and lowercase sets allowed us to find what we needed straight away!

We spelled out the word ‘Cake’” using a C from the uppercase set and the remainder using letters from the lowercase set. Next, we arranged them on the table as we would like them to appear on the cake and firmly pressed the Tacky Pad on top to secure. When turning over, the word is in reverse enabling you to directly place on the cake in the correct order.

We decided to add our wording to a small plaque for the centre of the cake. To do this, we added a little tylo powder to a small ball of white fondant to strengthen. After rolling out the fondant, we took the Tacky Pad and firmly pressed the lettering in place. The letters were well defined and beautifully clean!

After adding our plaque to the cake, we painted the word using edible gold paint using one of the Sweet Stamp 0/3 brushes. We finished the decoration using a few moulded flowers which we highlighted with edible gold paint and detailed with a central edible pearl.

Overall, we were very happy with the results of Sweet Stamp by Amy Cakes! This cake took no time at all and there wasn’t any need to use cutters. Sweet Stamp allowed us to add a professional and on-trend style to our cake quickly and easily. There are endless possibilities – you could stamp the letters directly onto the side of a freshly covered fondant cake, cookies or cake boards! Highly recommended!