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This article was taken from our April 2022 Issue Buy this issue now

April 2022 Product Review: Roxy & Rich – Chocolate Cake Drip

This month, we had the chance to try Chocolate Cake Drips from Roxy & Rich, now with new vanilla flavour, and less sugar!

To try out the Chocolate Cake Drips, we decided to make a simple gender reveal design using the Pastel Pink and Pastel Blue shades. We covered our cake in white sugarpaste, but Chocolate Cake Drips are also ideal for use on chilled buttercream or ganached cakes.

Preparing the drip was super quick and easy! There’s no need to mix anything together or use any additional bowls; it’s ready to use directly from the bottle. Simply microwave for 30 seconds without the lid, secure the lid back on, then shake for a minute.

After the preparation, we started with the Pastel Blue, adding drips around half of the cake using various levels of pressure for lines of different lengths. The consistency is perfect to work with and makes creating this effect effortless. The chocolate isn’t too thick or watery – it was lovely and smooth with a
beautiful even colour, complete with mess-free pouring cap!

Next, we took the Pastel Pink and repeated the effect on the opposite side. We were so impressed with how quickly we could complete the drip effect. In no time at all, we were able to add two different colours, with minimal effort and very little product!

For the top of our cake, we dotted more of the pink and blue drips to form a confetti effect, then finished with a white sugarpaste bow. We added a little Roxy & Rich Super Pearl 500 from their Sparkle Dust Pump range for a shimmery effect.

Overall, we were very impressed with the Chocolate Cake Drips from Roxy & Rich, which also now feature a wonderful natural vanilla flavour, less sugar, and are free from E171. Highly recommended!