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Free Artistic Holiday Wedding Cake

Rachel Williams, from Bay Cakes, is a proud Canadian cake artist now living in San Jose, CA with her three little boys and husband. She made her first cake in the fall of 2015 and has been in love with cake design ever since. Rachel’s cakes are well known for their modern aesthetic, artistic sugar florals, unique textures and edgy designs.

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Step 1

Roll fondant thinly to drape cover 6”, 8” and 10” round cake tiers. Use powdered sugar to keep from adhering to the countertop.

Step 2

Drape over the rolling pin and lay on top of the cake tier.

Step 3

Work quickly to smooth the fondant around the cake tier. Use smoothers to repair any dents or creases.

Step 4

Insert ten wooden dowels into the 10” round tier and trim flush with the top of the iced cake. Stack the 8” round on top of the dowelled 10”. Insert eight wooden dowels into the 8” round tier and trim flush with the top of the iced cake. Stack the 6” round on top of the dowelled 8” cake. Add a centre dowel to the entire cake.

Step 5

Roll white gum paste to 0.25” thick and cut into wispy strips. Adhere to the cake with small amounts of shortening until the placement is where it should be. Once all the strips are placed, use edible glue to adhere. Leave borders of the gum paste unattached to the cake to give movement and texture.

Step 6

Cut each 22 gauge floral wire into four pieces with pliers. Set aside.

Step 7

Roll red gum paste over the top of the groove board. Be sure to get the gum paste into the groove so inserting wires will be less difficult.

Step 8

With the cutter, cut a petal out of the rolled gum paste.

Step 9

Insert 22 gauge floral wire into the groove of the petal.

Step 10

Using the ball tool, run along the outside edges and thin the gum paste. This will give the flower a much more realistic and ethereal aesthetic.

Step 11

Place the petal into the petal veiner. Press firmly on the top so more grooves are pressed onto the petal.

Step 12

Shape a small piece of tin foil so the petal is formed in a realistic shape. The more twists and turns the foil makes, the better.

Step 13

Once the petals are dry (allow at least 24 hours), use petal dust to add dimension and depth to each petal.

Step 14

Steam each petal. Do not leave petals in the steam for a long time. A quick pass by in the steam will help set the colour just added by the dust.

Step 15

Bring all petals together and wrap the floral tape around to secure.

Step 17

Insert each flower into the cake. Use inconsistent placement.

Step 18

Using gold dust and lemon extract, paint the edges of each white stripe. Step back and enjoy your creation.