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August 2019 Product Review: Karen Davies Brush Embroidery

This month we had the chance to try the amazing Brush Embroidery Mould by Karen Davies!

Currently the only brush embroidery mould on the market, this design by Karen Davies allows you to create stunning designs quickly and easily!

To test this mould, we decided to make a small two tier celebration cake. To begin, we covered our 6” and 4” round cakes in royal blue sugar paste and set aside. Next, we took out the Brush Embroidery Mould, dusted with cornflour and tapped out the excess. We were very impressed with the quality of the mould, it was incredibly strong, flexible, and the details were really well defined!

Taking small flat portions of the Karen Davies Sugarpaste we began pressing into the mould, making sure to fill and smooth right into the edges using our fingers. After ensuring all areas were filled, we carefully released the moulded brush embroidery from the mould without any trouble at all! The shape held and had fantastic detail! We then repeated this to make more large flowers, large leaves and double small leaves, all releasing from the mould brilliantly! – The Karen Davies Sugarpaste worked very well with the moulds, the paste holds its shape nicely, it’s smooth and has an amazing marshmallow flavour!


We began arranging and applying the moulded details on the cake using edible glue in no time at all.

There are endless design possibilities with this mould, each element can be arranged with another, made smaller by filling a small area of the mould or could even perhaps be cut in half to create a border. We really love how simple Karen Davies’ moulds are to help create beautiful cakes in just a few simple steps!


To finish, we painted the moulded brush embroidery using an edible gold paint and that was it! – So simple, so quick and incredibly effective! Just imagine how long it would take to individually pipe and pull royal icing brush embroidery by hand, this mould can save you a heap of time!

Overall, we couldn’t be more impressed with the Brush Embroidery Mould by Karen Davies. It was a joy to work with and extremely reliable. The quality, defined details and the sheer versatility of this mould make it a truly amazing product! AND they’re not only perfect for cakes, you can also create quick and easy moulded designs for your cupcakes and cookies too! – Very highly recommended!