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This article was taken from our August 2021 Issue Buy this issue now

August 2021 Product Review: Sweet Success Mini Sponge Cakes

This month, we had the chance to try the new and limited edition mini sponge cakes from Sweet Success! Let Sweet Success do the baking for you…

Click to buy your own Sweet Success Mini Sponge Cakes!

Let Sweet Success do the baking for you with these mini sponge cakes!

These delightful mini cakes make an ideal gift for friends and family looking to celebrate any occasion on a smaller scale, or why not create your own afternoon tea at home? Whatever the occasion, you can skip the baking and go straight to decorating!

The box contained one of each 4” round cake (2.5” deep) in the following flavours: Vanilla Genoese, Chocolate Genoese, Lemon, and Red Velvet, which all tasted lovely! We decided to decorate the mini cakes using a selection of readymade filling creams and ganache, also available from Sweet Success.

The box contained 4" cakes of different flavours!

To begin, we cut each mini cake into three layers, ready for their fillings. One feature that we really like about the filling cream is that it can be mixed 50/50 with chocolate ganache to create a decadent filling. After mixing together, we added this to each layer of the chocolate cake.
To fill the red velvet cake, we piped dots of filling cream. For the vanilla cake, we added chocolate filling cream. And we used white chocolate ganache for the lemon cake. Each
filling was true to flavour, easy to use, and held its shape wonderfully, even in warm weather!

Each filling held its shape perfectly!


To finish the red velvet cake, we piped a circle of dots using the filling cream, and added a sprinkle of red sugar crystals. We were really amazed with how stable this frosting is, especially considering how warm it was when these cakes were being put together! Using the chocolate filling cream was just as simple when piping swirls all over the vanilla cake. We were so impressed with how well defined the piping was! We topped with a sprinkle of honeycomb pieces.

The finished red velvet cake looks very stable!

Although the chocolate cake was filled with the 50/50 mixture, we decided to coat it in the chocolate ganache alone. This coated the cake beautifully, and set firm at room temperature, even though it was over 25°C. The white chocolate ganache also helped achieve the same great results!

The finished cakes!

Overall, we could not be more impressed with the mini cakes and fillings from Sweet Success. They’re a huge time saver, have great flavour, and the filling creams and ganache both work beautifully in warmer weather! The mini cakes have a five-week shelf life, are delivered
in secure packaging, and make an ideal gift for friends and family! Very highly recommended!

You can buy them here at the Sweet Success website!

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