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Ballerina Modelling Tutorial

Perfect for topping a birthday cake, this lovely ballerina sugar model is easy to make following these simple steps.

The tutorial is an extract from a Split Birthday Cake Project by Barbara Lusraschi, Sweet Janis, from our April 2015 issue. In the project, Barbara shows you how to create a four tier cake with a pirate theme on one side and a ballerina theme on the other. 

Make the ballerina legs by rolling out a cylinder of skin coloured sugarpaste and cut an oblique in the centre. Model the knee by pressing the sides of each leg.

Make the shoes by rolling two small cylinders of pink sugarpaste and gently press the ball tool inside each one.

Insert a toothpick in each leg and insert the legs in the shoes. Position them on a dummy base, model a teardrop shape for the body and position it on the legs.

Cut out a strip of pink sugarpaste and frill with the cone tool.

Make the arms by rolling a cylinder of skin coloured sugarpaste and cut an oblique in the centre. Model the hands and attach onto the body using sugar glue. Add the ruffled strip to the bottom for the tutu.

Make the head by rolling a ball of skin coloured sugarpaste. Indent a mouth with the scallop tool. Make the hair by cutting out an oval shape of brown sugarpaste and apply on the head. Mark the hair with the dresden tool and add a bun.

Draw on the eyelids using a black edible food pen.

Extrude a small cylinder of pink sugarpaste using the sugar gun and place it around the arms, around the bun and around the tutu. Add small bows for detailing.

Dust the cheeks with pink powder colour.

Add white dots along the dress using a fine paintbrush and white gel colour.

Would you like to create the whole cake from this project, or learn some of the other techniques included?

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