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Beautiful Blooms Cake Project

Painted Petals & Bold Blooms Cake Tutorial by Enrique Rojas, HAVE+SOME+CAKE

Enrique lives in Birmingham and works from home. Originally trained as an architect, he has always been somehow connected to the world of baking and sugar through family and friends. He founded HAVE+SOME+CAKE around 3 years ago when he realised it wasn’t a ‘just for family and friends venture’ anymore.

Enrique now specialises in wedding and big celebration cakes. He believes what is important is that he creates a beautiful object- an edible sculpture in cake form. His knowledge and passion for architecture has helped Enrique create bold and dynamic designs that at times look to push the laws of gravity! In this tutorial, he has created a beautiful wild representation of nature itself, with vivid colours and big beautiful, colourful and fragile flowers.

The full tutorial is in the August issue of Cake Masters Magazine

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To create the painted design on the cake, Enrique has created a template. Please download this if you’d like to recreate his design.