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This article was taken from our May 2016 Issue

Free Brush Embroidery Blossom

Marlene Debattista, from CakeHeaven by Marlene, created this gorgeous pink embroidery cake for our May 2016 issue. When designing the cake, Marlene gave predominance to the ombre element, which can be seen throughout the whole design of the cake. Rows of blossoms were brush embroidered in four different shades of pink and joined together by small lines piped in royal icing in the same shade as the flowers, to create the lace effect. Other decorations were kept to a minimum with just two sugarpaste ribbons at the base of each tier and a small bow.

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Step 1

Emboss the design on the cake using a flower cutter. This design uses a large blossom cutter approximately 2.5cm.

Step 2

Using a No.2 piping nozzle, fill your icing bag with soft peak royal icing in your desired colour, such as the four different shades of pink used here to create the ombre effect.

Step 3

Pipe around one of the petals of the blossom to outline it.

Step 4

Dampen a No.2 pointed paintbrush with a little water. Dab to remove any excess water. The brush should be damp but not dripping wet. Before the icing can dry, brush quick short strokes of the piped royal icing towards the centre of the petal. The outer edge of the royal icing should remain unbroken and the brush strokes should remain visible.

Step 5

Repeat Step 4 for the other petals in the blossom until all the petals are brush embroidered. Leave to dry.

Step 6

Once dry, pipe small dots in the centre of the blossom for the stamens, and if you wish you can link four blossoms together as shown.