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Bunny Bear Tutorial by BunsInTheOven Cupcakery

Is it a bunny? Is it a bear? – it’s a bear dressed as a bunny! This adorable tutorial was created for Cake Masters Magazine by Sheryl Bito of BunsInTheOven Cupcakery back in 2013, but we still can’t get enough of it. It’s such a simple cupcake topper that you can recreate at home by following these easy steps.

First up, you will need…

1. Roll a ball of white fondant (slightly smaller than a ping pong ball) into a cone shape to form the body.

2. Roll another ball of white fondant (slightly smaller than the first) into a round shape and flatten the front portion for the head.

3. Apply some edible glue onto a toothpick and insert into the body for support.

4. Roll a small ball of light brown fondant, flatten into a disc shape to form the bear’s face. Attach to the head with some glue.

5. Make a smaller disc to form the snout and attach to the bear’s face.

6. Pinch a tiny ball of black fondant and roll into a small sausage for the nose, attach to the top of the snout.

7. With the help of a pair of tweezers, push in 2 black sugar beads for the eyes. Apply a small dab of glue to hold the beads in place. You can roll 2 balls of black fondant instead if you do not have sugar beads.

8. Make the mouth using a smiley tool.

9. You can further add detail to the mouth using a dresden tool.

10. Apply some glue to the neck area of the body.

11. Using twisting motions, gently ease the head onto the body.

12. For the ears, roll out a pair of blueberry-sized white fondant and 2 smaller balls of light pink fondant. To form the ears, first roll 1ball of white fondant into a sausage then taper off both ends. Repeat with light pink fondant and attach to the ears with some glue. Gently run the ball tool along the length of the pink fondant to shape the inside of the ears.

13. Pinch one end gently to form pointy tips for the bunny ears.

14. Use a toothpick to create 2 holes for the ears. Apply some glue around it.

15. Trim off one of the tapered ends of the ears and insert a toothpick halfway up the length. Then use a pair of tweezers to help you position them on the head.

16. Pinch 2 tiny balls of fondant into little discs for the bunny’s snout. Attach to the top of the bear’s head with some glue and create some detail with a toothpick.

17. Shape a tiny ball of dark pink fondant into a triangle for the bunny nose, attach with glue.

18. Cut a tiny square and indent the centre , attach just below the snout for for bunny teeth.

19. Roll a thin piece of light pink fondant. Use a craft knife to help you trim it into an oval shape and attach to the body.

20. For the hands, prepare 2 balls of white fondant (about the size of a blueberry), roll into a sausage with one end slightly fatter than the other. Bend into shape and add the paw details using a paring knife.

21. Position into place and attach with some glue. You can add support by inserting a toothpick into the hands just like the ears.

22. Repeat the same process for the legs, this time roll the sausage shorter and slightly fatter.

23. Add some details using a paring knife.

24. Attach to the base of the body with some glue.

25. Roll out a small thin piece of dark pink fondant and cut out a heart shape using a plunger cutter. Attach to the centre of the body.

26. Roll out a tiny ball of light brown fondant and cut into two for the bear ears.

27. Position them next on either sides of the bunny ears and you’re done!

We hope you love this bunny bear as much as we do! Don’t forget to share your creations with us on Facebook!