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*NOW CLOSED* Cake Design Contest 2021

*now closed* Please check back in soon for winner updates! Thank you to everyone who entered

We will be uploading the People’s Choice album for voting w/c 12th April, and the winners and runners up of all the categories will be announced shortly after.

It’s back and better than ever!

We’re delighted to announce the return of the Cake Masters Cake Design Contest. After the success of the first contest, it’S back with SOME NEW categories for you to enter! Find out more below:

Here are the categories you can enter:


What does fashion mean to you? Shoes, handbags, or even flowing fabrics. We want to see how you include textures, patterns and prints on your fashion-themed entries!


We love sprinkles, and you need to submit an entry with sprinkles! It is as simple as that!


We are looking forward to seeing your animal themed cakes! This can be anything from modelling animals to 3D – sculpted to tiered cakes, cupcakes or cookies taking inspiration from animal prints!


We want to see entries inspired by the four seasons! Will you be inspired by the sunny days of summer or the ice cold days in winter?


Your cake must include at least five different colours!


To celebrate the life of an inspirational woman in the cake decorating industry, we would love to see entries dedicated to Kerry. From her role in the industry, her fantastic cake show OSSAS or her signature style of decorating, we can’t wait to see what you create to honour Kerry. In 200 words, please discuss Kerry’s influence on your work or life, and how she has inspired you.

You may enter cakes, cookies, cupcakes, sugar figures and 3D cakes!

For ALL entries, please include up to 200 words about your entry on the contest form.


Thank you to our 2021 sponsors, Roxy & Rich, Renshaw Academy, Portaleo Paints by Sugarin and Wholesale Sugar Flowers. We are also delighted to be supporting our charity partner Icing Smiles again.


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  1. What is the Cake Masters Magazine Cake Design Contest?
    An online cake contest where you will need to submit 2 good quality photos of your competition entry. This competition closes at 9am March 29th 2021.
  2. Is there an entry fee?
    Yes. There is a fee of £10 per creation you enter. 25% of all fees will go to our chosen charity, Icing Smiles.
  3. How many categories can I enter?
    As many as you like! You are able to enter all the categories if you wish and you may submit up to 3 different entries per category.  Please note, if you enter 3 creations, you will need to purchase 3 entry fees.
  4. How do I enter?
    Please purchase your entry here and then send us your entries with form to
  5. Where can I find the contest form?
    You can find the contest form here. 
  6. Can I use a dummy?
    Yes, you can use a foam or a dummy as the base of your cake.
  7. Can I use a cake that I have made before?
    Yes, if it fits the theme, you can.  Please note that if you entered our 2020 contest, you can not enter the same creations.
  8. When do I have to submit by?
    Please send your entries (including 2 photos and contest forms) to by 9am March 29th 2021. No changes can be made after submission.
  9. Can I post my entry on social media?
    No you cannot. Judging is done blind and you must not share on social media, even in closed or private groups. If you are entering a creation that you have made before and already shared on social media, you can still submit, but you must not reshare or repost the creation announcing it is your entry. Please DM or email us if you have any questions
  10. How is it judged?
    Judging will be done by a panel and the winner will be based on the collective score. Scores will be based on interpretation of the theme, originality and creativity, overall appeal, technique and execution. Judging will take place from 1st April and once judging is completed, all entries will be uploaded onto Facebook for the People’s Choice voting to start. The judging panel is:
  11. What is the prize?
    There will be one winner per category. Each category winner will receive a prize of £500/$650/€550. Prize money will be paid via bank transfer or PayPal. (Prize monies may be subject to transfer fees and exchange rate differences)
  12. Will there be a People’s Choice?
    Yes! All entries will be put on Facebook. The entry with the most reactions will win People’s Choice and will be published in the magazine.
  13. Can I enter just sugar flowers?
    Yes you can, but please think about the category you are entering and how it relates to the theme.
  14. Can I use non-edible items?
    Yes you can use non-toxic or removable items as details on your entries.
  15. Can I enter cupcakes or cookies?
    Yes you can, You can send a collection of up to 12 cookies or cupcakes.
  16. Do I have to fill in the form?
    Yes. This will give the judges more of an insight into what you have submitted.

For any further questions or queries, please email


Enter Now


  • Think carefully about the theme and be creative!
  • Dummies or foam bases can be used.
  • Think about the overall presentation of your piece, the background of your cake, the lighting when you take your photo, covering your board and finishing touches like ribbon.
  • You can use a cake you have made before, please ensure it fits the category you are entering. If you have previously entered our Cake Design Contest, you may not enter a cake you have entered before.
  • You can enter a cake that you have entered into a cake competition before, please ensure it fits the category. We do encourage you to try and create something new! Please ensure your photos are of the cake on its own and not displayed at a show with other entries or awards on display.
  • Photos with watermarks, branding or logos, where is it clear who has made the entry, will be disqualified with no refund.
  • It is in your best interest to include 200 words about your entry as this will help the judges understand your theme when judging.
  • Entries must not be posted on social media as judging is blind. Please do not post in groups even if they are private or closed.
  • Sharing of your entry can only be done after we have announced judging has been completed.
  • After blind judging is completed, all the entries will be uploaded on social media for the People’s Choice voting to start. Only once the entries are uploaded can you share your entries on social media.
  • People’s Choice will be based on the number of total reactions on the post not just LIKES
  • The People’s Choice winner will be featured in Cake Masters Magazine. There is no prize money for this award.
  • There will be one winner per category.
  • The prize money for each winner is £500/$650/€550 and there will be six winners in total
  • Entries must be made by you. You cannot submit photos of cakes that do not belong to you. If it is flagged and proven to be someone else’s work you will be disqualified with no refund and not permitted to enter other Cake Masters Magazine competitions.
  • Any entries that are deemed offensive will be disqualified with no refund.
  • If you took part in our 2020 contest, please note that you can not submit the same creation again.
  • If you change your mind about entering, no refunds will be given and your fee will be fully donated to charity.


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