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Cake Flix Collaboration

Where TV and cinema meets cake, get inspired by this fun CakeFlix collaboration with characters from your favourite TV shows and movies. From a range of genres including horror to fantasy, they’ve included it all. We speak to the founder, Isabel Tamargo, to find out more…

Alyssa Alexandre – Sugar Canvas

Tell us about your collaboration

Cakeflix is a public international collaboration with more than 300 pieces to make a tribute to the world of cinema and series. All members were free to make something related to this with no restrictions. Every sugarcraft and everyone from amateurs to professionals of every discipline were welcome to be part of this huge family.

What inspired you to do this theme?

This is a project on which my partner, Jorge Garcia, and I were very excited to carry out since I started working in this amazing world. I have a film degree, he’s a computer engineer and photographer and we LOVE cinema and series, so we wanted to go for something big, something different.

Tell us about a few of the pieces that have been made

It’s hard to choose just a few because each of them is already special. It’s a personal challenge for many people, their first collaboration for some of them. They gave their all designing their pieces, using new techniques… because it’s necessary to take a risk sometimes. Although we have awesome works from many professionals I deeply admire, I wish to commend all those artists ‘in the shadows’ who have dared to present us their art too. There are lots of surprises!

How many members were in your collaboration?

We have to date, more than 225 members with more than 300 beautiful pieces.

How did you decide on this group of people?

I had already worked as an admin with some cake friends in other private collaborations. This time, as with the other Tartas Imposible’s collaborations, Sweet Summer and Animal Rights, we also decided to make a public collaboration. I am a staunch defender of unknown talent, I started that way and I know how hard is to improve and be taken into account, so Cakeflix is a way to shine.

Did anything go wrong during the process?

Well, when we announced the opening of Cakeflix, we had an avalanche of entries in the group, over 900 people. We were afraid that we would not be able to manage all that but fortunately, many of them were curious people who didn’t join the challenge. We have had 225 members, nothing went wrong but there was a great deal of work to do!

If you were to do it again, what would you do differently?

Managing a huge collaboration like Cakeflix alone could be very stressful.We’ve had to find time to make galleries, website, categorised videos, attend meetings and combine this project with our own stuff, so we didn’t have enough time to make everything we had planned. Maybe next time would be better with some help.

If you were to do it again, what would you do differently?

We are very proud of all members in this collaboration and previous ones. In general, people do their best, participate a lot in the groups and comment on other’s works. If we host another collaboration, I would only ask them to keep giving their all and enjoy the whole process.

Find out more about CakeFlix Collaboration at

Here are some of the collaboration pieces-

Li Ying Khoo – Cakes! by Ying
Isabel Tamargo – Tartas Imposibles
Isaac Lopez Vazquez – Dulce Mantequilla
Anna Rosa Maggio – Anna Rosa Maggio cake design
Heidi Dahlenburg – Heidi Dahlenburg – Cake Artist
Anna Mathew Vadayatt – Cake Canvas – happiness in a box
Gauri Kekre – Li`l White Oven
Gabriela RÅscher – DreamColor Cakes
Angela Penta – Angela Penta Cakes