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Cake Masters Magazine Awards 2018: Meet the Sponsors!

This year we are delighted to welcome a variety of sponsors, some from previous years, and some new to sponsoring the awards this year! Take a look below to find out more about each of the sponsors, and what award they are sponsoring.

Headline sponsor: Renshaw

This year our headline sponsor is Renshaw. Renshaw, established in 1898, has a long history in celebrating cakes for generations with over 120 years of baking and cake decorating expertise and inspiration. They are known for their Ready to Roll icings & Marzipans and now with a state of the art teaching Academy.  To share baking ideas, find recipes, and be inspired about the exciting world of cake decoration visit their website, or check our their social media pages below. This year they are sponsoring the Wedding Cake Award.




Renshaw logo

Sponsor: Roxy & Rich

Roxy & Rich’s mission is to offer edible, high-quality, effective and innovative products for decorating cakes, making chocolate, baking your favourite pastries and more. Roxy & Rich food colours are distributed all around the world.  They now have 14 lines of food colours, including their brand new Spirdust, the shimmer dust that makes your favourite cocktail glitter! This year they are sponsoring the Best Show Piece Award.

Take your creations to the next level… let the magic happen!!  

Visit their web site for more information.




Roxy & Rich logo

Sponsor: The Cake Decorating Company

Formed in 2009, The Cake Decorating Company has quickly grown into one of the leading suppliers of cake decorating products in the UK and internationally. Their reputation is one of high-quality products, a huge variety of items in stock and the latest in innovative products – all in one place. They stake their reputation on stocking what their customers need, when they need it, and always staying ahead of the market, keeping their ear to the ground for new and helpful items that their customers are asking for.

Offering one of the largest range of products in the market, they sell thousands of cake decorating products which they dispatch worldwide from their headquarters in the Nottingham. What makes them unique is their special ability to be a one-stop shop for cake decorators – both home bakers and those in a professional capacity. They are immensely proud of their customer and client base which includes some of the World’s top cake designers – many of whom provide their inspiration and some of their innovative products. This year they are sponsoring the Cake Artist of the Year award. 




The Cake Decorating Company logo

Sponsor: Squires Kitchen

Squires Kitchen was formed to share a passion for, and an extensive knowledge of, baking, cake decorating, sugarcraft and chocolate skills. Founded by the current Managing Director, Beverley Dutton, in 1984, it is a family business which includes three generations of the Dutton family. Their thousands of high-quality products include Sugar Florist Paste, sugarpaste, colours, moulds and more. Design, innovation and integrity are at the heart of everything they do and are key ingredients of the companies that make up the business: Squires Kitchen Sugarcraft Ltd, which includes Squires Kitchen International School, and their own publishing house, B. Dutton Publishing Ltd. This year they are sponsoring the Sugar Flowers Award.





Squires Kitchen logo

Sponsor: Rainbow Dust

Rainbow Dust Colours has been manufacturing and supplying high quality cake decorating materials since 2008. It continues to manufacture and pack the Rainbow Dust range in its BRC  accredited food factory in Preston, Lancashire, UK. 

The Rainbow Dust brand has become the benchmark in this Sugarcraft sector and a clear favourite for many. Its aim has always been to offer high quality products and world class service and this principle continues to be the ambition for today and into the future.

The Rainbow Dust industry-leading range has more than 800 products in differing pack formats, including dusts, lustres, glitters, gels, paints, pens, sprinkles and confetti. Rainbow Dust have everything needed for cake artists, from novices to professionals, to bring cakes and confectionery to life with colour.

With a re-brand in progress there is an exciting future for Rainbow Dust as they continue to release innovative new products that will capture the imagination of cake artists whilst continuing to focus on the values which helped build Rainbow Dust into the successful company that it is today. This year they are sponsoring the Best Retailer of the Year Award.




Rainbow Dust logo

Sponsor: Japanese Salonaise Assocation

Japan Salonaise Association was established in August 2013 by Yukako Kikyo. The JSA is an innovative sugarcraft association which provides training courses and aftercare to enable women to run cake decorating classes whilst raising their children. There are currently over 2,200 people registered as JSA-certified instructors operating in Japan, Taiwan, Korea and the USA. JSA has opened their branches in Taiwan and Hong Kong this year. JSA are sponsoring the Cookie Award.

Find further information here on their official website.

JSA logo

Sponsor: Renshaw Academy

It’s the talk of the town! Renshaw proudly present the Renshaw Academy. A stunning state of the art facility, right in the heart of Liverpool, dedicated to teaching the art of Sugarcraft.  A place where Sugarcrafters, Cake Artists and Industry Professionals alike can develop skills and experiment with new styles and techniques. Tapping into the ever-growing demand for cake decoration they offer world-class cake artistry courses presented through a combination of in-house and world renowned tutors.  Encompassing both traditional and contemporary methods of teaching a wide range of skills. Courses are available for all skill levels ranging from the expert cake decorator to the enthusiastic hobbyist, in fact anyone passionate about cake decorating! This year Renshaw Academy are sponsoring the Sculpted Cake Award.


Renshaw academy logo

Sponsor: Cake International

The world’s largest cake decorating, sugarcraft and baking show, Cake International is also recognised globally for being the home of one of the largest cake competitions in the world.  Cake International events have launched cake and sugarcraft celebrity careers, discovered new stars and trends and maintain tireless promotion of the art and craft of cake decoration and its associated disciplines. Constantly evolving as an event, Cake International celebrates the achievements of the cake decorating community, whilst supporting and mentoring new artists and always pushing the boundaries of the art forms. Cake International are sponsoring Best Product Award.

Event Sponsor: Cake Stuff

Winners of the Best Retailer Award at the 2017 & 2014 Cake Masters Magazine Awards, and finalists every other year, Cake Stuff is the UK’s favourite cake decorating website.  They offer a massive range of cake decorating, baking and sugarcraft supplies from all the top brands at the very best prices.

Cake Stuff logo

Event Sponsor: Marvelous Molds

Marvelous Molds specializes in making innovative silicone molds for the cake decorating industry. Recognized worldwide and awarded multiple patents, Marvelous Molds offers an extensive collection of over 300 mold styles. Dedicated to helping cake decorators achieve their greatest goals, Marvelous Molds empowers both novice and professional cake decorators with exclusive molds that have amazing flexibility, remarkable detail reproduction and an ingenious trimming blade that saves time and produces superior results.

Visit https://marvelousmolds.comfor more information.


Instagram: @marvelousmolds

Marvelous Molds logo

Thank you to all of our 2018 sponsors!