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Career With Gulfs Jobs

CAREER with Gulfs Jobs

Hello and welcome to Josoft Technologies, leading company for provide jobs in Gulf countries

1. Here, you will have the opportunity to be part of a mid-sized company that offers an enriching work environment, an exciting future and the opportunity to discover your true calling. No matter which stage gangstar vegas hack in your career you may be in, you will benefit from the endless scope and diversity of our service offerings and take away an experience that is fulfilling and has long-term value. Our flexible working hours and employee friendly policies mean that we put our employees first, at all times.

2. At Josoft Technologies we offer individuals with talent, passion and integrity genuinely world-class careers. We enjoy a strong company culture, which is built this website on high trust, substantial reward, professionalism and a complete commitment to success. The passion of our people is our greatest strength. At Josoft Technologies we work together to make a real difference to employer organizations and jobseekers every day. We have consistently outperformed the market as it has grown and developed internationally. As our careers and markets expand, new opportunities regularly emerge for talented people to join us.

Become Proactive
1. If you have been struggling to find work and feel that the gaps in your employment history are to be blamed then try and get proactive! You don&30936; have to dwell on your employment gap but rather be active and engage yourself in professional development. Use your time off to upgrade your skills and knowledge and if needed get some professional mentoring. This will tell employer that you&30939;e utilized your time off effectively and managed to keep your skills fresh

Be positive
1. Don&30936; get defensive or act like a victim when you talk about your extended unemployment. Steer clear of phrases like &25609;o one wanted me?or nobody was hiring?and focus only on your positive attributes. When the topic comes up, don&30936; dwell on it for long. Get past it swiftly with statements like, &25567;here have been opportunities, but a mutual fit has been hard to find.?br />
Build Your CV
1. This is how you possibly react when asked by an employer to send a one page CV! You might think that a one page CV is just not long enough to do you justice. How can you possible describe your professional journey in one page? Well you can! That&30935; because the rule of resume writing seems to have changed today! A &24963;ne page?resume is what employers are looking for. They now want information- short, sharp and concise! Writing a &24963;ne page resume?isn&30936; a rule that every person has to follow blindly! You should know your audience and give them what they are looking for. If you&30934;e planning on spilling over to a second page, make sure that it&30935; for information that is relevant and important that could, effectively, make or break your chances for visit our website the job.

Josoft Gulfs Features

Post Once. Distribute Everywhere.

Post your job to 40+ job boards with one click. Save time by managing your jobs and candidates in one place. New job boards are always being added.

Reach Millions in Job Alert Emails
Your jobs are automatically included in our daily job alert emails sent to millions of active job seekers. It is a great source of highly engaged candidate traffic

Enjoy Built-in Social Recruiting
Take advantage of integrated social network posting to reach job seekers on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+.

Discover Candidates in the Resume Database
Search 2,209,972 resumes with thousands of new ones added daily. It’s FREE to search and all plans include full contact information for up to 1,000 resumes per month.

View and Share Formatted Resumes
View beautifully formatted resumes. Download, print and share with colleagues. Quickly sort through candidates to identify the superstars.

Enjoy Automatic Resume Scoring
Identify top candidates at a The Bright Score determines candidate fit in the areas of experience, skills, and education.

Screen Candidates the Easy Way
Ask real-world questions to quickly identify qualified candidates. Use free-form, multiple choice or yes/no formats and view their responses in conjunction with their resume

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
We think you will be delighted when you try Zip Recruiter, but if you&30934;e not happy, we proudly offer a money back guarantee.