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Caring For Fine Diamond Jewelry

Caring for Fine Diamond Jewelry

Oftentimes, we spend more time searching for and purchasing fine diamond this website jewelry than we spend caring for it. While diamonds may be the hardest material known to man, the metals and other gemstones associated with them are not so fortunate. Each gemstone and metal has its own strengths and weaknesses.
This article will explore how to wear, clean and store diamonds, silver and gold, and semi-precious stones.

When not to wear fine diamond jewelry or gemstones

Don’t wear fine diamond jewelry while getting dressed, doing dishes, doing housecleaning, soaking in a spa or hot tub, or while taking a shower. Spas and hot tubs Many personal care products such as hair spray, lotions, perfumes, and disinfectants such as iodine may discolor gemstones or loosen settings. Many gemstones are oil-treated and should not come in contact with soap or detergent.

When getting dressed, let all lotions, perfumes and hair spray dry completely before putting on gemstone or diamond jewelry.

How to clean fine diamond jewelry

Use a polishing cloth to clean sterling silver and 14kt gold jewelry. Some soft gemstones such as turquoise, freshwater pearls, and emeralds should never go into commercial jewelry cleaning solutions. Be sure to carefully check the instructions prior to placing any jewelry with stones into cleaning solutions.

When in doubt, use only a clean, soft, dry cloth to clean your fine jewelry, especially pearls, they are extremely delicate and fragile. Even when cleaning harder gems, don’t use abrasive cleansers or coarse brushes because they may scratch gold or silver.

A note of warning: a dirty piece of jewelry should be checked after cleaning to make sure the diamonds and semi-precious gemstones are still fastened securely. Oftentimes bent prongs or weakened settings are hidden by dirt, and a clean piece of jewelry may have loose stones. Also be sure to not clean your jewelry over the sink, in case you dislodge stones while cleaning.

If you’re worried about damaging your fine diamond jewelry, take it to a jeweler for cleaning. He or she can ascertain if a stone is loose before cleaning.

How to store fine diamond jewelry
A sturdy jewelry case is the best way to store jewelry. A jewelry armoire will have hooks that allow necklaces and chains to hang, reducing the chances of them tangling and weakening. The case should be lined with soft material and have compartments allowing your fine jewelry pieces to be stored separately.

All of your jewelry, but fine diamond jewelry in particular, should be stored in compartments or in plastic Ziploc bags. The bags will slow down the tarnishing of silver and gold. Diamonds, being check more the hardest stone, will scratch or even chip other gemstones. If your jewelry box doesn’t provide separation, then use soft cloth to create layers.

Emeralds visit our website are almost always treated to improve clarity, and the wrong cleaning treatment, such as sonic cleaning, can leave them looking duller than before cleaning.

Considering the money spent on fine diamond jewelry, it’s worth the care you put into it to make it last and become heirloom pieces. By caring for your fine diamond jewelry in the right way, you will preserve its beauty and value for years to come.