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Carnival Games For Kids

Carnival Games for Kids

Kids love to go to a carnival as they can buy tickets to this website play various games. You can give your children the same joy, by throwing them a birthday party with a carnival theme. To make this party a grand success, you will need some good games planned out.

Here we will bring to you a selection of carnival games that your kids shadow fight 2 hack are sure to love. Some of the materials required for playing these carnival games can be easily found at home, whereas, some will have to be purchased from a stationery or craft store. Stack the cans in such a way that they are in the shape of a pyramid. Each player gets turns in throwing the golf balls at the cans. If golf balls are not available, you can also use smallsized rubber balls for this great game. The first kid who knocks down all the cans successfully wins a prize.

Duck Pond

Purchase some rubber ducks in different colors and place them inside a small inflatable pool. The kids can line up one by one and they need to choose a rubber duck of their choice. Then you can give them a plastic net attached to kill shot bravo cheats online a long stick to scoop the duck up. The kid who successfully retrieves “his” duck in the quickest possible time, will win a prize.

Mock Goldfish Toss

Mock goldfish toss does not involve tossing live goldfish at kids. It is a fairly simple and straightforward game where you have to set up a row of empty goldfish bowls and let the kids toss pingpong balls into it. Each kid can get three chances to successfully put a pingpong ball inside the goldfish bowl. The kid who is successful in placing a ball inside the bowl, will get a prize. In case there is a tie, you can make the kids try to place three pingpong balls inside the goldfish bowl. The prize for this game can be a live goldfish placed inside a plastic bag with water.

Hoopla Stand

You need to arrange some prizes like toys, books and treats placed on a carpet. Now ask the kids to throw a hoop around their favorite prize from a preassigned distance. For this game you need to make a plywood backboard and then attach a number of inflated balloons into the board. The balloons need to be small, about the size of your fist. Give each kid three plastic darts and ask them to throw these darts at the balloons. The kid who pops the most number of balloons gets a prize.

Make sure that the carnival games are simple and not too complicated. The purpose of a carnival themed party, is that the kids should have a lot of fun. Always make sure that you hand out not one, but two or three gifts for each game. In this way no kid will go away disappointed.