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Chocolate Flawless Finish Sugarpaste by Doric Review

A ready to roll sugarpaste with the added intense flavour of chocolate or white chocolate.

Available to trade customers from Doric Cake Crafts, the new Flawless Finish in Chocolate and White Chocolate can be used for covering cakes, freehand modelling and for use with moulds. We decorated a chocolate cake using both types of the chocolate paste to share with you our experience.

The first thing that hit us when we opened up this box from Doric was the smell… chocolate! Our nostrils instantly recognised the smell of the paste due to the high level of cocoa butter content. We wanted to taste it straight away!

We started by covering our cake and board with the Chocolate Flawless Finish and were impressed at how easy it is to work with. Although arriving in a large 5kg block, the chunk we cut off only took a short amount of kneading to become a smooth ball ready for rolling out. The packaging gives instructions on how to warm up the paste slightly in a microwave if needed, but as we were testing the product out on a warm day, we had no problems working with it straight away. We enjoyed the process of handling this paste, it rolled out easily and thinly with no tears. Plus, when we covered the cake, it was very smooth. Any imperfections were quickly removed using a cake smoother.

After covering the cake and leaving it to firm up, we turned to decorations. Basic chocolate roses are one of the first things most of us will make when we first start decorating cakes, so what better way to trial modelling with the paste than this technique. We made roses with both the Chocolate and White Chocolate Flawless Finish, and again, the paste passed the test with flying colours.

We found it easy to shape and smooth, the edges of the roses could be thinned out without ripping and the paste kept a nice shine. Occasionally, the paste got a little too soft from the heat of our hands after working with the same piece for a while. But, leaving the piece to one side for a minute or two solved this, firming up so it was ready to work with again. A definite plus point, we discovered, was that the paste could be kneaded back into a state ready to work with even after leaving out in the air – it didn’t dry out and crack. To finish the chocolate roses, we just dusted them with a little edible pearl shimmer. We also tried the paste out in a sweet heart mould and it worked really well. No sticking and it held its shape.

Finally, the taste test! The chocolate content of these Flawless Finish Sugarpastes makes them much more appetising to those who usually peel away the icing. We found it complemented the flavour of the cake really well and made the edible decorations much more likely to be eaten!

Flawless Finish Sugarpaste is also available in Brilliant White, Bridal Ivory and Vintage Ivory. All colours are available in 5kg and 10kg for trade customers from Doric Cake Crafts

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