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THE WINNERS: Christmas Cake Competition 2021

Main Competition WINNERS:

1st Place: Logacheva Oksana Yurevna

2nd Place: Maria Mccoid

3rd Place: Angela Penta Cakes


1st Place: Thivain Silva

2nd Place: Eva Krasnovidova

3rd Place: Akain Silva


Main Competition: Cassie Tingley

Kids Category: Eva Krasnovidova

**COMPETITION NOW CLOSED** Any purchases that come through now will not be refunded.

Cake Masters Christmas cake competition in partnership with sugarin now open!



We have two categories you can enter:

Main competition: To celebrate Christmas, we would love to see your incredible festive creations! Put your skills to the test and show us what you’ve got. We want anything that is Christmas themed, this can be anything from modelling Santa to beautiful Christmas flowers.

Kids’ Category (age 15 and under): Calling all young aspiring cake artists! For the first time, we want to see what up coming talent can create, and this category is for you! We’re inviting your little ones to enter our Christmas cake competition. From reindeers and father Christmas shaped cakes to festive cookies, we want to see what your little ones can do!

You may enter cakes, cookies, cupcakes, sugar figures, sugar flowers and 3D cakes!

For ALL entries, please include up to 200 words about your entry on the contest form.



  1. What is the Cake Masters Christmas Cake Competition in partnership with Sugarin?
    An online cake contest where you will need to submit 2 good quality photos of your competition entry. This competition closes at 9am December 15th 2021.
  2. Is there an entry fee?
    Yes. There is a fee of £7.50/$10 per creation you enter.
  3. How many cakes can I enter?
    You can enter as many as you like, please know that there is an entry fee required per entry.
  4. How do I enter?
    Please purchase your entry here and then send us your entries with form to
  5. What is the age limit for the kids’ category?
    Anyone who is 15 or younger can enter.  Depending on the entries that come in, judging may be done with additional age splits in this category.
  6. Where can I find the contest form?
    You can find the contest form here. 
  7. Can I use a dummy?
    Yes, you can use a foam or a dummy as the base of your cake.
  8. Can I use a cake that I have made before?
    Yes, if it fits the theme, you can.
  9. When do I have to submit by?
    Please send your entries (including 2 photos and contest forms) to by 9am GMT December 15th 2021. No changes can be made after submission.
  10. Can I post my entry on social media?
    No you can not. Judging is done blind and you must not share on social media, even in closed or private groups. If you are entering a creation that you have made before and already shared on social media, you can still submit, but you must not reshare or repost the creation announcing it is your entry. Please DM or email us if you have any questions
  11. How is it judged?
    The competition will be judged by Sugarin Ambassadors Nicholas Lodge, Karen Portaleo, Prachi Dhabaldeb, Paul Bradford and Marta Hidalgo.
  12. What is the prize?
    There will be one winner per category. Each category winner will receive a prize of £100 (payable by PayPal or into a UK bank account), second and third places will win subscriptions to Cake Masters Magazine.
  13. Will there be a People’s Choice Award?
    Yes! All entries will be uploaded into a Facebook album when the competition closes and the judging is complete. You may then share any entries you have entered publically. The entry with the most reactions will be the winner. We will have one winner in each category and winners will win a digital Cake Masters subscription.
  14. Can I enter just sugar flowers?
    Yes you can, but please think about the category you are entering and how it relates to the theme.
  15. Can I use non-edible items?
    Yes you can use non-toxic or removable items as details on your entries.
  16. Can I enter cupcakes or cookies?
    Yes you can, You can send a collection of up to 12 cookies or cupcakes.
  17. Do I have to fill in the form?
    Yes. This will give the judges more of an insight into what you have submitted.