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This article was taken from our November 2019 Issue Buy this issue now

Christmas Elf Party Cake Tutorial – Renshaw Christmas Cake Competition Finalist

Jen Lofthouse of Darrowby Cakes is based in Thirsk, North Yorkshire, UK. She found her love for cake decorating about seven years ago when her son wanted a dinosaur cake. She is self-taught and since then, has racked up quite a few international awards from Cake International including five Golds and a Third Place wedding cake in 2017. Jen is also really proud to be an ambassador for Sugar Press by Crafty Design.

Instagram @darrowbycakes


Equipment List:

4” square cake

Round 4” cake

Renshaw Ready to Roll Icing- Red, Blue


Craft Knife

Renshaw Modelling Paste Lilac

Rainbow Dust ProGel- Purple, Yellow

Rainbow Dust Pearlescent Paint

Rainbow Dust Silver Edible Glitter

Edible Glue

Confectioners’ Glaze

Renshaw Modelling Paste White

Edible Gold Dust

Renshaw Royal Icing

Sugar Press

Adhesive Spray

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Box - 1.

Take a 4” square cake covered with Renshaw Red Ready to Roll Icing.


With a ruler, mark 5.5cm to find the middle of the top of the cake. Mark 4cm from the top front and back and score with a craft knife or similar.


With the ruler, mark from the bottom left and right corners to the middle front and back.


Mark 3cm on each of the lines marked as shown. Score a line from each 3cm point to the left and right top corners. Repeat on the front and back.


Colour Renshaw Modelling Paste lilac with a small amount of Purple ProGel.


Roll out to 2mm thick and with the ruler or craft knife, cut three 36x2cm strips.


Paint the strips with pearlescent paint.


Sprinkle with silver edible glitter.


Attach a strip across the top and down the sides of the parcel.


Attach the remaining strips around the front and back of the parcel. To finish, gently paint with confectioners’ glaze to hold the glitter in place.

Bow - 11.

Colour Renshaw Modelling Paste with Yellow ProGel and roll to 2mm thick. With a ribbon cutter or the ruler and craft knife, cut 16 11x2cm strips.


Dab an end of the strip with glue and fold over to make a loop.


With the craft knife, cut off both edges to create a point. Repeat on all of the strips. Lay the loops on their side so they can keep their shape overnight while they dry.


Mix gold dust with confectioners’ glaze. With an old brush, add two coats to the loops allowing to dry between.


Pipe a 1” circle of royal icing in the middle of where the bow is going.


Place six loops in a circle with the points going into the royal icing.


Add a small amount of royal icing then place the next five loops on top of the bottom row placing where the gaps are on the bottom loops.


Again, add a small amount of royal icing. Place the last five loops with three going across the middle of the bow, one to the left and one to the right. Gently push down so it’s firmly together. Once the royal icing is dry, paint gold to blend it all together.

Circle Tier 19.

Take a round 4” cake covered with blue Renshaw Ready to Roll Icing.


Attach the Sugar Press to the cupcake back board with removeable adhesive spray. Gently push the Sugar Press into the parcel.


Mix confectioners’ glaze with gold dust and paint the impression the stamp has made. Once dry, apply a second coat.