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Dad Shed Tutorial

Perfect for topping your Father’s Day cake, Marion Frost, of Patchwork Cutters, has made this lovely Dad Shed Tutorial.

For a hollow shed use Mexican Paste, as this will hold it’s shape even in damp conditions. If the shed pieces are to be attached onto a solid base – such as a chocolate crispy shape that has been cut to size – then the pieces can be cut from flower paste and attached onto the chocolate crispy base. For this we recommend Renshaw Flower and Modelling paste.

The grease used is vegetable shortening eg. Trex or Crisco.

Step 1.

On a lightly greased non stick board roll out brown flower or mexican paste, grease the cutters and place them onto the paste, press firmly. Remove the cutters and surplus paste. Repeat cutting: 2 side pieces, 2 end pieces, 2 roof pieces, 2 diamond shapes, 11 wall trims and 1 door.

Step 2.

Mix brown colour (this can be dust or paste colours) with alcohol and brush over the pieces. The colour will run into the embossed wood effect making it more noticeable. Colour both sides of the door and roof trims and both diamonds. Paint the windows black with a touch of white satin over the surface for a glass effect.

Step 3.

Roll out brown paste and cut out two window frames. Remove the window panes and – while the pieces are still soft – place the frames onto the windows on the side pieces. Use water for sticking.

Step 4.

Paint the brown colour wash over the frames.

Step 5.

Roll out green paste and stipple with a stiff brush and cut out two roof pieces. Roll out black paste and cut out a door.

Step 6.

Lightly mark a centre line onto each roof piece and wash with a mix of green colour and alcohol.

Leave all the pieces to dry on a flat sponge.

Step 7. (hollow Shed)

Cut a block of sugarpaste 7.6 cm (3in) x 9.6 cm (3 3/4 in) x 3.2 cm (1 1/4 in) high. Place onto a board. Pipe a little softened sugarpaste or royal icing onto the sides.

Step 8.

Place one side and the back piece into position.

Step 9.

Repeat with the opposite sides trimming the base if necessary.

Step 10.

Pipe brown softened sugarpaste or royal icing along the joins and place the trims onto the corners.

Step 11.

Place the black door onto the front of the shed attaching with the icing. Attach the trims around the edge cutting the top trim to the required length.

Step 12.

Pipe a line of paste onto the right hand side of the frame and attach the door so it appears open.

Step 13.

Pipe a line of paste around the top edge of the walls and place both roof pieces into position.

Step 14.

Use the roof cutter to cut a narrow strip of paste, moisten and attach across the top of the roof and paint when dry.

Leave the shed to dry.

Step 15.

Pipe a line of sugarpaste along the top edge of the roof and attach the roof trims and diamond shapes.

Step 16.

Cut out grey bricks using the brick cutter and attach them onto the iced cake or plaque, fitting them together to the required size. Place the shed on top.

Step 17.

Roll out white paste thinly and grease the fork and spade cutter well, place onto the paste and press firmly. Remove the cutters and excess paste using a cocktail stick to remove small pieces. Paint the pieces whilst still soft and attach onto the cake when dry.

Pipe grass around the edge of the bricks and base of the shed.

Mexican Paste Recipe

Place 250g (8oz) icing sugar into a bowl, add three teaspoons of gum tragacanth and mix together. Add 6 teaspoons of cold water and mix by hand to form a firm paste, add more water or icing sugar if necessary. Knead until the paste is smooth and has a good stretch. Place into a plastic bag and leave at room temperature for 12 hours, it will now feel very hard. Work a small piece at a time until the whole piece is soft and pliable. The paste is now ready to colour, use paste colours that do not contain glycerol as this can prevent the paste from drying hard.

The set can be adapted to make a beach hut, bird box, kennel or Christmas grotto…..can you think of anything else? if you can Patchwork Cutters would love to see your ideas! Share them with us on Facebook and with Patchwork Cutters on Facebook.

To buy the Patchwork Cutters Make a Shed Set, click HERE!