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December 2018 Product Review: Renshaw Colour of the year for 2019 – Cassis!

This month we had the chance to try the Renshaw Colour of the year for 2019 – Cassis!

Cassis was selected by cake decorating professionals for its great fusion of pink and purple tones which help create a beautiful and sophisticated colour. This shade would be perfect for floral berries, gothic cakes, wedding cakes, novelty themes and so much more, the design possibilities are endless!

We decided to test out the new colour on a small winter hat cake. We began with carving our cake to shape, covering in buttercream and setting aside whilst we prepared our fondant.

We rolled out the paste on a cornflour dusted surface and began texturing with a clean nail brush, we then carefully covered the cake and removed the excess, marking a few dull patches for added realism.

Next, we took a small ball of the Cassis fondant and a smaller ball of white fondant and mixed together to create a lighter shade for the brim of our hat. After rolling out a long strip and texturing with a piping tip we applied around the base of the cake with edible glue. Using the excess fondant from this piece we then added a little more white fondant to create an even lighter shade for the knitted rope detailing.

We lightly marbled together two shades of the Cassis/White fondant forming a ball, texturing with a clean pair of scissors by cutting into the ball at different angles to form the pom pom which we then applied to the top of the cake using edible glue. To finish we dusted the entire cake in edible pearl lustre for a glittery finish.

We really liked how versatile this colour was, we were able to complete an entire cake by using just two colours, Renshaw Cassis and white. There wasn’t any need to use gel colours or an airbrush!
Cassis was a perfect base for this cake, the colour really stands out even after being textured and could also work really well for an ombre cake! Just imagine working with this colour for a wedding cake, paired with florals and metallics you would have a truly regal and crowd-pleasing design!

Overall, we couldn’t be happier with the brand new Renshaw Cassis – Colour of the Year for 2019! This shade is truly stunning, versatile and sparks so many design ideas! – Highly recommended! 

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