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This article was taken from our December 2021 Issue Buy this issue now

December 2021 Product Review: Glamour Paint – Il Punto Italiana

This month, we had the chance to try Glamour Paint from Il Punto Italiana!

This month, we had the chance to try Glamour Paint from Il Punto Italiana!

The metallic Glamour Paints can be used to decorate the surfaces of chocolate, sugarpaste and more! Being available in a wide range of colours, you can be certain that you’ll find the ideal shade for your design. To test the paints, we decided to make a small collection of snowman cookies.

Snowman cookies

To begin, we took our five cookies and covered each in a circle of white sugarpaste, marking the edge of the hats using a round cutter. We used Fucsia (Pearly Fuchsia), Azzurro (Pearly Light Blue), Lime (Pearly Lime), Rosso (Pearly Red), and Oro Reale (Metallized Royal Gold) to
make each hat a different colour. The paint had a lovely high-quality appearance, with a gorgeous shimmery finish. The pigment of each shade was true to colour, and painted straight onto the sugarpaste with ease. Having a quicker drying time also allowed us to add a second
coat where needed.

Next, we took small ropes of white paste and applied to the bottom edge of each hat, adding an additional piece of round flattened paste to the top for the pom-pom. Taking Avorio (Pearly Ivory), we painted a light layer to add a twinkly highlight. This shade would be excellent for painting snowy details such as snowflakes or icicles!

To complete the cookies, using a small ball tool, we dotted on two eyes using Nero (Pearly Black) paint, and painted on a smile and two eyebrows using a thin brush. Using another thin brush, we added a round nose using Arancio (Pearly Orange) paint, and lightly dusted on two rosy cheeks using a pink petal dust.

Overall, we were really impressed with Glamour Paint from Il Punto Italiana. They’re a great quality metallic paint that helps achieve a beautifully shimmery appearance for stunning and professional results in no time at all! Highly recommended!