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DECOgel Competition in association with Icing Images

Do you like trying new products and coming up with new cake designs?

Would you like your creations to be featured in Cake Masters Magazine?

Enter our competition to find the best cupcakes and mini cakes decorated with DECOgel!


In this exciting competition, shortlisted entrants will be sent a sample of DECOgel with which to create a cupcake or mini cake. We’re looking for exciting designs on this miniature format and are giving you the opportunity to try out this great product from Icing Images.

To find out more about DECOgel and to see the colours available, visit: Entrants can also request a sheet of Icing Images Premium Wafer Paper or Premium Icing Sheets printed with their chosen iDesign from the catalogue on

Shortlisted entrants’ bakes will be shared in an album on Cake Masters Magazine’s Facebook page for all to see. Cake Masters Magazine and Icing Images will judge the entries and the Top Four cupcakes or mini cakes will be decided. A selection of all the entries and the winners will be featured in the January 2017 issue of Cake Masters Magazine!

Please note that this competition is open to readers in the contiguous United States only.

All entrants should ensure they read all of the terms and conditions before entering.


To enter the competition, send the following to by 26th October 2016.

  1. A sketch of the cupcake or mini cake that you will create using DECOgel
  2. Your name and business name
  3. The address for the samples to be sent IF you are shortlisted
  4. The colour of DECOgel you would like to use in your design
  5. Your choice of Wafer Paper or Icing Sheet, and iDesign number to be printed with if you would like to use this in your design


Shortlisted entrants will be notified and sent the product by 12th November.

The deadline for high resolution images of the cupcake or mini cake is 2nd December.


Check out this great video as an introduction to DECOgel, the product that you will receive a sample of for this competition …


Terms and Conditions:

This competition is open to readers in the contiguous United States. Entrants can only submit their own work. You may only submit ONE sketch; emails with more than one sketch will not be accepted. Entries will not be accepted unless all five items in the entry list are specified in the email. The entrant must have the right to give permission for the image of their cupcake or mini cake and their sketch to be posted on Facebook and published in Cake Masters Magazine. Credits for professional photography must be clearly specified in the email entry with the final cupcake or mini cake. Cake Masters Magazine and Icing Images reserve the right to use the images of the entrant’s creations; all images will be credited. Cake Masters Magazine and Icing Images are not responsible for any missed deadlines due to postal errors. It is the entrant’s responsibility to contact Icing Images if their product sample does not arrive. Final images of cupcake or mini cake must be high resolution or they will not be considered for the final competition. Please note: entrants will be offered a sample of DECOgel, not a whole pot.