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This article was taken from our September 2016 Issue Buy this issue now

Free Farmyard Cake Tutorial

Hayley started cake decorating in 2011, after the birth of her son and attending a local cupcake decorating class. She caught the bug, fell in love with the art of cake decorating and hasn’t stopped learning new skills and techniques ever since. In 2014, she left her previous job as airline cabin crew to pursue her love of all things cake. Based in Cornwall, UK, she works from her little ‘cake cave’ and is able to see her young family grow, and do the job she loves.


Equipment Required:

  • Renshaw Ready to Roll Fondant Icing: 250g White, 250g Black, 250g Poppy Red, 1kg Pastel Green, 250g Lincoln Green, 250g Pastel Yellow, 250g Pink, 250g Teddy Brown, 250g Chocolate
  • 8” round x 5” tall cake
  • Edible Pearls: 4mm pink/blue & 1mm black/white
  • Black edible pen
  • Edible glue or water
  • CMC/tylo powder
  • 11” round cake drum
  • 8” round cake card
  • Work board
  • Rolling pin
  • Cake smoother
  • Craft knife (X-acto knife)
  • Paintbrushes (small detailed one and a larger one)
  • Wheel tool
  • Dresden tool
  • Small ball tool
  • Piping nozzle
  • Ruler
  • FMM More than a Bird House cutters
  • FMM Picket Fence cutter
  • FMM Wood Impression Mat
  • Drying foam mat x 2
  • Cocktail stick
  • PME circle plunger cutters: 5mm & 10mm
  • PME rose petal cutter: 20mm
  • Round circle cutters: 25mm & 15mm
  • Blossom Sugar Art 5 point flower cutter
  • Cornflour/icing sugar

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Step 1

Cover the 8” round cake and 11” round cake drum in the Pastel Green icing. Set the cake and drum aside to dry. Once dry, attach the cake to the centre of the drum with a little ganache or royal icing.

Step 2

Take some white icing and treat with a little CMC. Roll out to approximately 3mm thick and use the FMM Picket Fence cutter to cut nine fence panels.

Step 3a

Take the Poppy Red and Teddy Brown icing and treat it with a little CMC so that it will set firm. Roll out the red icing to approximately 3mm thick and use the FMM wood grain impression mat to ingrain it. Take the FMM More than a Bird House cutter set and cut two of the no. 1 shapes (the front and back of the barn) and three of the no. 3 shapes (the two sides and base of the barn). The bottom of the barn does not need the wood grain impression. Roll out the brown icing to approximately 3mm thick and use the FMM impression mat again. Cut two of the no. 3 shapes for roof panels.

Step 3b

For the barn door, you need a 4x5cm white rectangle. The inner wood detail is 2.5x4cm cut from Teddy Brown icing, with the impression mat used. Freehand cut two thin white strips for the front of the door, attach in a cross and secure with glue. For the top round barn detail, you need a white 2.5cm circle with a brown 2cm circle glued on top. Set all the items aside on foam drying mats to allow to firm up for approximately 12 hrs.

Step 4

Attach the fence to the cake with water or glue. You need to leave a 3.5” wide gap in the fence at the front of the cake as shown. For the first panel after the gap, you want the remove the two little connectors as shown, so the panel is flat. Add all the remaining panels around the cake.

Step 5

When the barn panels are firm, use some edible glue to stick the pieces together. Take a front panel (largest) and add the two sides, then slide the bottom into the space left and secure with glue as shown.

Step 6

Add the remaining end panel and the roof panels with glue as shown.

Step 7

Add the front barn details as shown and set aside to dry on a foam mat until secure.

Step 8

Take the Lincoln Green icing and roll it out to approximately 3mm thick. Take the 8” round cake card as a guide and freehand cut a wavy line around the card as shown.

Step 9

Carefully lift the sugarpaste over the top of the cake, check the positioning and size and adjust if necessary. When happy, apply a small amount of water to the top of the cake and then apply the green paste. Smooth over as shown. Apply a small amount of water to the side cuff of the cake to secure it in place.

Step 10

Use the dresden tool to apply V shape details to the grass. Use the detail on the curve nearest the top lip of the cake as shown.

Step 11

Take some white icing treated with CMC and cut two strips. These will be the front of the fence. Apply to the cake with a little water or glue.

Step 12

Make the horse’s head. Take approximately 15g of Teddy Brown paste treated with CMC. Roll it into a ball, ensuring no seams, and place on the craft board. Use your little finger with a back and forth rolling movement to create the shape shown.

Step 13

Take a little Teddy Brown paste and lighten it with some white paste. Roll out to 2mm thick and cut a 2.5cm circle with the plunger cutter, this will be the nose for the horse. Use the 5mm circle plunger cutter – two for eyes and two for the inner detail of the horse’s nose. Make two small triangle shapes as shown for the ears.

Step 14

Apply the details to the model as shown with a little water or glue. Use a cocktail stick to add little expression lines to the side of the eyes in the shape of a V on its side. Take the small ball tool and make an indention where the nostrils will be, then add a little water to the hole.

Step 15

Use the small ball tool to apply the inner white detail of the nose as shown. Use the cocktail stick to apply the detail to the ears as shown.

Step 16

Use the black edible pen to add the eye details. Use the circular end of a piping nozzle to give the horse a smile.

Step 17

You want to attach the head so it’s popping over the fence. You may need to flatten the back of the horse’s head to ensure you get a good contact with the cake. When happy, secure with glue along with the left ear. Take some Pastel Yellow icing and roll three elongated teardrops for the horse’s mane and three short thin teardrops for the fringe.

Step 18

Position as shown and secure with glue when happy.

Step 19

For the pig, take 20g of pink icing and treat with CMC. Roll a ball and set aside. Make two little triangle shapes for the ears and roll two little balls for the feet. Roll a little thin piece of paste and twist into spiral for the tail. Take a small amount of paste and shape into a flatter snout shape as shown. Cut two white 5mm circles for the eyes.

Step 20

Apply the eyes and snout as shown and add the detail with the ball tool.

Step 21

Use the edible pen for the eye detail. Take the cocktail stick and add the expression lines to the sides of the eyes - a V shape on its side again. Attach the ears with a little glue. Add a smile with the end of a piping nozzle, using a cocktail stick at the ends of the smile to define it.

Step 22

Glue the tail in place and add the feet to the front of the pig as shown.

Step 23

Set aside to dry. I have made another little piglet in the same method as the larger pig, just scaled down.

Step 24

For the chicken, take 20g of Teddy Brown icing and treat with CMC. Roll into a ball ensuring there are no seams. Take some of the red icing and make five small teardrop shapes. Roll two small white balls for the eyes. Make a small beak from the yellow icing and shape into a small triangle as shown. Trim the widest end to ensure a smooth fit. Roll out some 2mm thick Teddy Brown paste and cut two 20mm rose petal shapes out for the wings.

Step 25

Use your little finger in a back and forth rolling action to make the body, neck and head of the chicken. You are aiming for a figure of eight with the head smaller than the body.

Step 26

Apply the beak with glue and add two of the red teardrop shapes under the beak as shown. Add the white balls directly above the beak and add the expression lines to the eyes as previously.

Step 27

Add the wings with a little glue and use the cocktail stick to add detail to the wings. Add the final three red teardrop shapes to the head of the chicken as shown.

Step 28

Roll three teardrop shapes in Teddy Brown Paste and bring them together as shown, these will form the chicken's tail. Attach to the body with glue.

Step 29

For the sheep, take 20g of white paste treated with CMC. Roll it into a ball and then into a pear shape as shown for the body. For the face, take a small amount of Teddy Brown paste and mix with white to have a very light tan/flesh colour. You want a flat oval shape narrower at the top than the bottom as shown.

Step 30

Using the scalpel, make a Y shape into the face as shown. Add detail to the top of the Y with a cocktail stick. Add expression lines in for the eyes. Use the edible pen for the small eye detail as shown.

Step 31

Add the head to the body with a little glue. Start rolling lots of pea sized white balls and attach to the body as shown with glue. You will also need three smaller balls and two teardrop shapes for the head detail.

Step 32

Roll two small black balls for the feet. Attach with glue and use a cocktail stick to get the impression on the front of the foot.

Step 33

For the cow, take 25g of white icing treated with CMC. Roll into a ball and then into a pear shape as shown. Take 7g of white paste, roll it into an egg shape and then flatten with your hand against the board. You will need some black paste to make the patches for the cow, these are just random freehand shapes and attached with glue. Take the 2.5cm circle cutter and cut a disc from the pink paste.

Step 34

Add the snout to the face with a little glue. Use the ball tool to add the nostrils. Add random black patches to the body of the cow as shown. Add larger eye detail with the edible pen or roll two small black balls from icing and attach.

Step 35

Add the head to the body with a little glue. Roll two cone shapes as shown with flat bases for the back legs. Roll a longer thinner sausage shape, place your finger in the middle and roll back and forth it until it splits in two. These will be the longer front legs, check against the body for size and adjust if necessary. Apply glue to the back of the legs and attach the tapered end just under the cow's head.

Step 36

Cut four 10mm circles with watered down pink icing for the hooves and apply with a little glue. Use the cocktail stick to make a hoof impression at the top.
 Cut two 10mm circles in white and two 5mm circle in pink for the ears. Stick the pink on top of the white and press down with the small ball tool. Trim the bottom off as shown with a knife. Pick up and pinch the widest end of the shape together to form the cupped ear shape.

Step 37

Apply a few black patches as done previously for the legs. Attach the ears with a little glue. Roll two teardrop shapes in white, these will be the horns. Attach with glue.

Step 38

Add two tiny dots of white sugarpaste to the eyes. Set aside to firm up on a drying mat.

Step 39

Add the finishing touches. To make some grass sprouts, use three teardrops of the green icing, bring them together and slice the bottom off with a knife. Make some in Pastel Green and some in Lincoln Green and attach to the cake.

Step 40

Take some Chocolate icing and cut a random wavy puddle shape as shown. This should be approximately 10cm wide and will be for the pigs to stand in.

Step 41

Roll out some pink and yellow icing approximately 2mm thick and use the five point flower cutter to make some flowers, a few in each colour. Apply a little water in the centre of them and add the sugar pearls as centres. Take all the animals, barn and decorations and arrange them onto the cake as you wish. When happy, secure them in place with a little glue. Apply some ribbon to the cake drum to finish!

For more information about Hayley and her cakes, visit: