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This article was taken from our September 2019 Issue Buy this issue now

Fashion & Fabrics Product Guide

Check out these top products for your Fashion & Fabric themed cakes!

  1. Autumn Carpenter Impress Mat

This six piece fashion themed texture impression mat set from Autumn Carpenter is perfect for giving lifelike texture to icing handbags, shoes and clothes. Sheets include gingham, herringbone or dog tooth, stripes, golf sweater style check, crocodile skin and wool knitwear effect. A fast and easy way to add detail to celebration cakes.

£9.95 (RRP £12.49)

2. Flexique

Flexique is an edible flexible cake decorating compound that can be used to create pliable ribbons, shoelaces, carved figure garments and cut outs. It can also be used as a protective coating for edible prints on wafer paper and icing sheets to reduce smears and tears. Since the product actually absorbs into the wafer paper, you can stretch it without tearing or breaking the coated item to give flexibility and durability. Mix with other materials to increase working time and add lasting pliability and use as a food-safe barrier when attaching non-edible decorations to cakes.


3. PME Geometric Cutters

Available in ten individual designs, PME’s range of Geometric MultiCutter sets allows you to create panels of interlocking patterns quickly and easily. Mix colours for eye-catching geometric patterns that look amazing around the sides of cakes.

£5.75 (RRP £6.75)

4. Sweet Sticks Edible Art

Sweet Sticks Edible Art paints are the ultimate product to give your cake designs the metallic or matte texture they need. The combination of colours creates an extremely vibrant and eye-catching pattern for your creations! With a unique blend of 100% edible ingredients, they can paint, dry and be rub-free on many surfaces making cake decorating easier, quicker and more effective.


5. Karen Davies Sugarcraft Knitted Mould

This mould produces a perfectly detailed knitted piece quickly and easily. Ideal for making clothes for your models, creating cute cookies and cupcakes or simply giving your cake that cosy rustic look. Also great for making adorable knitted figures such as teddies! The possibilities are endless – baby blankets, jumpers, booties, patchwork quilts, etc.


6. Roxy & Rich Hybrid Petal Dust

Roxy & Rich Hybrid Petal Dust is a fantastic product for pastry chefs and cake designers! Easy to use, its micro colour beads are specially designed for dry brushing on sugarpaste flowers for a hyper coloured matte finish. It can be mixed with icing and buttercream to add texture or with water, lemon extract or alcohol for painting delicate detail. This creation by Albena Petrova, award-winner and owner of Albena Cake Design, was inspired by the Dolce & Gabbana 2014 Fall Winter Collection. Over 15 different colours of Petal Dust were used to produce this sophisticated and textured one of a kind masterpiece.

From £4.15

See retailers at for customers outside Europe

7. Pretty Paisley Cake Lace mat

This gorgeous Pretty Paisley Cake Lace mat comes with four strips, each a different pattern, providing so much to work with. Each strip incorporates a paisley design whilst making up its own unique pattern. The largest has a combination of paisley patterns and leaves with additional flourishes as does one of the smaller strips, making it great to wrap around the tiers of your cakes. Another smaller strip features a more simplistic paisley design whilst the final features a stunning floral border of large and small flowers.

£24.95 (RRP £29.99)

8. Pearlized White Cake Lace

This Pearlized White Cake Lace comes pre-mixed; all you need to do is apply to your mat following the instructions on the video or your tub. This mix comes pre-coloured to a pearlised white but you can add a gel colour to customise. The beauty of Cake Lace is once it has been made, it will stay moist and pliable for many months to allow you to create masterpieces that may take a period of time.

£13.95 (RRP £15.99)

9. Water Activated Paint Palettes

These water activated palettes from Sweet Sticks are designed for the finer details in cake and cookie decorating. They’ll give the ideal finish to patterned decorations and with a whole range of coloured palettes, you’ll never be without the colour you need. From metallics to brightly coloured, there’s a range for all the patterns you could want.


10. Rainbow Dust Liquid Colour and Metallic Paint

Leopard print has always been the purrrfect pattern in the fashion industry. We like fake leopard print, but also the real thing… when still attached to the living animal. Molly Robbins has created a beautiful leopard cake achieving the print by airbrushing with Rainbow Dust Liquid Colour.  Those possessing less genius (us) could use a leopard pattern stencil when airbrushing.

Rainbow Dust Liquid Colour £1.99

Rainbow Dust Paint Metallic £4.10

Available from all good sugarcraft retailers