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Faye Cahill Masterclass

Faye has been a professional cake decorator for more than 20 years. Her company, Faye Cahill Cake Design, is based in Sydney, Australia. Faye’s design aesthetic pairs tailored, refined looks with fine detailing and stylised flowers. Her work has been featured widely online in trendspotting blogs, like CakeGeek, as well as in wedding blogs and publications, including, Style Me Pretty and Modern Wedding. Faye also has a passion for teaching her techniques in both local and international workshops, as well as on Craftsy. Faye has previously been featured in Cake Masters Magazine and was voted by her peers for the Wedding Cake Award at the 2016 Cake Masters Magazine Awards.

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What you will learn:


A pretty and lacy effect made entirely with applique pieces. This bouquet and banner design would be lovely for an elegant rustic or country wedding. I have used soft matte white on champagne lustre for a soft and understated look.


Strong and sleek, Art Deco motifs continue to be popular for weddings. A strong look for black tie or monochrome events, this is another design that can be made simply with only strips of fondant cut in the pasta machine. Similar lines can be produced with a fondant extruder.


A regal style of monogram, suitable for a large cake or a strong feature on a smaller cake. The whole thing can be highlighted gold for a more striking look, or the frame and surrounds could be left white and the letters only highlighted in a metallic. Use and adapt your existing moulds to create a unique look.


Delicate and pretty, this style is lovely for cakes with lace and floral designs. I have designed this one with mostly dots and smaller ‘commas’ to make it more approachable. For fonts of this style, I use the website and search tags like ‘elegant’, ‘invitation’, ‘script’, ‘calligraphic’, and ‘handwritten’. Enter your initials in the preview box and then scroll through until you find one that looks nice for your letters. Screenshot it and open in Photoshop or resize in Word. Rearrange the letters if needed such as placing one letter higher or making the ampersand larger or smaller than the initials.

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Click the links below for templates for this tutorial:

Deco Monogram Template

Piped Template

Deco Monogram Template

Applique Template