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February 2017 Product Review: FPC Sugarcraft ‘Rose Swags’ Silicone

The ‘Rose Swags’ mould from FPC Sugarcraft can be used to create variety of designs on cakes and cupcakes.

In addition to the ‘Rose Swags’ mould, we were provided with the ‘Decorative Bosses’, ‘Small Double Frames’ and ‘Cameo Ladies’ mould. We used the majority of the moulds as suggested by FPC, and were impressed at the versatility of the simple products.

We covered the cake first with sugarpaste and allowed it to rest for an hour, whilst we got working with the moulds. Mixing 50/50 sugarpaste and modelling paste, we dusted the moulds first with cornflour. Cornflour is a great agent which prevents the sugarpaste from sticking to the mould when it comes to releasing. The mould was simple to use; with a long strip of sugarpaste, pressing into the cavities was easier and gentle pressure from a rolling pin helped to get evenness.

For the additional moulds, we concentrated on the ‘Small Double Frames’ mould. Pressing the ball of paste was easy. Leaving the mould alone for a few minutes helps the paste firm up and harden, so releasing is easy too. With this mould, gentle release was needed as there is so much intricate detail we wanted to save. Removing the inner oval was relatively hassle-free with help from a craft/x-acto knife.

Once the pieces had all dried, we used Rolkem Super Russet mixed in with a little bit of alcohol to give a decorative flush of elegance for the rose swags. The detail on the rose swag is astonishing, the colour brought out the sheer beauty of the roses.

Assembling the pieces onto the cake was relatively quick, a bit of edible glue on the back and press into place. Due diligence was required with the small double frame as it was delicate. We added a little pearl dust to the cameos to make them shine, as we kept them white, we wanted to add a bit of highlight to make them glow.

The benefit of FPC Sugarcrafts Silicone Moulds is that they include detailed instructions on the back of the pack. They are easy to follow, with helpful tips and tricks on how to colour the impression. They make great decorations for all types of cakes.

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