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This article was taken from our February 2021 Issue Buy this issue now

February 2021 Review: M&B Luxury Sugarpaste

This month, we had the chance to try a selection of pre-coloured, ready to roll sugarpastes by M & B from Doric Cake Crafts!

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Product Review: M&B Luxury Sugarpaste

To test out each colour, we decided to make a textured fabric effect patchwork cake.

To begin, we took an 8” cake drum and M&B sugarpaste in colours Navy Blue, White, and Black. To create the marble effect, we took three small portions of each colour, taking a little more of the white than the navy and black. After twisting the colours together, we lightly brushed a layer of edible glue over the drum and rolled out the sugarpaste to cover the board.

Product Review: M&B Luxury Sugarpaste

We really like how soft and easy M&B is to work with and having sugarpaste pre-coloured, especially in darker colours, is always a massive timesaver and great fuss-free alternative to using gel colours!

Product Review: M&B Luxury Sugarpaste

To create the patches on our cake, we took small portions of each colour and rolled out to size. To add texture, we used a selection of impression mats and tools to form different fabric effects. Once textured and cut, each patch was applied to the cake one by one with an additional stitch effect added around each shape.

Product Review: M&B Luxury Sugarpaste

We were really impressed with how vibrant each colour was. Having a wide selection of shades available gave us a brilliant palette to work with! M&B’s texture is ideal for easy kneading, covering, modelling, and texturing! We also really like how M&B is available in new easy to open reduced plastic packaging, which is now even better value for money! Each shelf-ready pack now contains eight packets of paste, instead of six, for the same price!

To complete our cake, we lightly brushed black petal dust and gold edible lustre along each stitch line, plus a final dusting of edible gold glitter.

Product Review: M&B Luxury Sugarpaste

Overall, we couldn’t be happier with M&B Luxury Sugarpaste from Doric Cake Crafts. It’s fantastic to work with, fuss-free, better value, great for covering, modelling, and texturing, available in a wide variety of colours, and now has an even longer shelf life of 18 months from production! Highly recommended!

Product Review: M&B Luxury SugarpasteBuy your Sugarpaste now!