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This article was taken from our February 2019 Issue Buy this issue now

February 2019 Product Review: M&B Sugarpaste

This month, we had the chance to try M & B Sugarpaste by Doric Cake Crafts.

M & B is an ideal sugarpaste for novelty and celebration cakes due to its lovely soft ready to roll feature. M & B is not only great for cakes but would also work really well for covering cupcakes, forming small details for cookies or even producing basic sugar roses.

We decided to test the red and white M & B Sugarpaste by making a simple Valentine’s Day cake.

After crumb coating our 6×5” layer cake, we mixed 500g of white M & B with 100g of red M & B to create a deep pink colour. Due to the paste being so pliable, we were able to knead the two colours together quickly and easily with barely any effort at all.

Next, we dusted our surface with cornflour and began rolling out the paste; it rolled out nicely and held its shape when lifted to cover the cake and cake drum. Using the upside down method, we formed sharp edges using a cake smoother before carefully placing the cake on the covered cake drum. Using some of the remaining deep pink colour, we rolled out a long rope and wrapped it around the base of the cake for a clean finish.

We then added some yellow gel colour to a small piece of white M & B. The gel blended into the paste really well whilst still maintaining the original consistency. Dusting our surface again, we rolled out the yellow paste, cut out a large heart and applied to the side of the cake using a little water. Again, the paste retained its shape brilliantly whilst being transferred to the cake! To finish, we painted the heart using a mixture of gold lustre dust and clear alcohol.

When making the ruffle detail, we were very impressed with how thin the paste could be frilled with the ball tool before tearing. The edges appeared light and could be easily moved around to add to the delicate look. We applied the ruffle around the heart using edible glue and painted the edges using more of the lustre/alcohol mix.

Overall, we were very happy with M & B sugarpaste. It has a really nice quality and soft texture which would be great for carved novelty cakes, celebration cakes, cupcakes, cookies and more!