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This article was taken from our February 2022 Issue Buy this issue now

February 2022 Product Review: Il Punto Italiana Easy Col colours

This month, we had the chance to try Easy Col colours from Il Punto Italiana.

Easy Col are an incredibly versatile collection of colours suitable for use in fat and non-fat mixtures, including sugarpaste, gum paste, sugar glaze, chocolate, buttercream, and whipped
cream. They’re also great for adding to cake batter, biscuit and bread dough and more!

To test out a few of the colours, we decided to make a party chocolate bar, ideal as a party favour, broken into shards for cupcakes, or even as a cake topper.

To begin, we melted 200g of white chocolate and divided into four small bowls. Taking colours
Tiffany, Lampone (raspberry), Viola (purple), and Giallo (yellow), we added a few drops to each bowl and stirred to combine. The Easy Col colours blended into the chocolate beautifully! We were also really impressed with the vibrant shades and ease of use!

Next, we randomly poured the chocolate into the mould, alternating colours to form a marble effect, and allowed to set in the fridge. Whilst this was setting, we took a small ball of white sugarpaste and Rosa (pink) Easy Col. Kneading a few drops into the paste was quick and easy, didn’t dry or change the consistency of the paste, and formed a lovely baby pink shade.

Once the chocolate had set, we removed from the mould and added a drizzle of white chocolate over two opposite corners. We quickly added the bows and a few party sprinkles before the chocolate had time to set.

Finally, taking more Rosa (pink), we painted the outer sections of the bows using Easy Col directly from the bottle as an edible paint. We really loved this feature; the liquid colour was the perfect consistency for this, and was incredibly easy to use!

Overall, we couldn’t be more impressed with Easy Col from Il Punto Italiana! They have so many
fantastic uses, each with brilliant results. Very highly recommended!