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Frankie the Dragon Modelling Project

In the October issue of Cake Masters magazine you will find our exciting Frankie the Dragon modelling tutorial! Created by Lynsey Wilton-Eddleston, Sugarwhizz, you can practice your modelling skills and bring this cute little dragon to life by following a simple step-by-step guide!

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Lynsey started baking in 2007 purely as a hobby, whilst staying home to look after her kids. She actually has a degree in Forensic and Biomolecular Science, but chose cakes instead! Lynsey specialises in modelling, in particular, characters and fantasy creatures. She’s inspired by fairy tales and children’s stories. Lynsey is based in St Helens, UK. She has been awarded seven Gold awards, 1st in the Novelty Cake category, and 3rd in the Decorative Exhibit category at Cake International.


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