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This article was taken from our July 2015 Issue

Free Assorted Sports Balls Cupcakes Tutorial

Learn how to create these fun sports balls by Nina Green of Beanie’s Bakery.

Equipment Required

  • 125g red fondant
  • 250g white fondant
  • 35g black fondant
  • 2x 35g white fondant
  • CMC Petal Powder
  • Small and medium brushes
  • Flat head brush
  • Scalpel
  • Knife
  • 2 cocktail sticks
  • 100mm circle cutter
  • Textured sheet
  • Foam dome
  • Rolling pin
  • Confectionary glaze
  • Confectionary glaze brush cleaner
  • Palette
  • Nutkin Brown edible tint
  • White edible tint
  • Bitter Lemon/Lime gel colouring
  • Daffodil gel colouring
  • Tennis ball pattern
  • 30mm hexagon cutter
  • 30mm pentagon pattern
  • Water


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Knead a pinch of CMC Petal Powder into 125g of red fondant. Roll the fondant out to 5mm thick and using the cutter, cut a large circle. Form the fondant circle over the foam dome and leave to dry for 24 hours.


Once the dome has hardened, paint the confectionary glaze over the whole of the surface of the dome to create a shine.


Using a scalpel, score a line down the centre of the dome, making sure not to cut all the way through.


Using the medium brush and Nutkin Brown edible tint, brush the tint in to the scored line. Work the powder in using a circular motion. Wipe away any excess powder.


In a palette, mix a few drops of confectionary glaze and white edible tint into a paint-like consistency. Using the small brush, paint on the stitches either side of the scored line for a realistic cricket ball look.


Tennis Ball Cupcake Topper Repeat Step 1 but using the 125g of white fondant. Using the cocktail sticks, add a few drops of Daffodil and Bitter Lemon/Lime gel colouring to 35g of white fondant. Knead the fondant until you achieve an even colour. Add a pinch of CMC Petal Powder and knead again.


Now that the fondant is the desired colour, roll it out to 3mm thick. Place the textured sheet over the fondant and roll over the texture sheet.


Using the tennis ball pattern, cut out the pieces


Using the flat head brush, paint a small amount of water over the hardened dome and place the pieces on. Carefully smooth the yellow fondant over the dome, being sure not to smooth out the texture. Trim away any extra fondant.


Football Cupcake Topper Repeat Step 1 using 125g white fondant. Add a pinch of CMC Petal Powder to 35g of black and 35g of white fondant. Roll out the black fondant to 3mm thick. Leave the fondant for a couple of minutes to dry to achieve sharp edges when cutting the shapes. Using the pentagon pattern and scalpel, cut six shapes. Brush a small amount of water on the top of the hardened dome and place the first piece on.


Roll the white fondant out and using the hexagon cutter, cut 15 shapes. Brush on a small amount of water over the rest of the surface of the dome and stick five hexagon around the pentagon. Stick the black pentagon around next, then follow the pattern until the dome is covered. Trim any excess. Attach the domes to your desired cupcakes with a swirl of vanilla buttercream.