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This article was taken from our March 2015 Issue

Free Elie Saab Haute Couture Flower Sugar Shoe Tutorial

Learn how to create this gorgeous Elie Saab Haute Couture Flower Sugar Shoe by Tanya Halas of Cake Heart.

Equipment Required

  • Shoe kit and templates
  • Rolling pin
  • Pizza wheel
  • Petal cutters and small oval cutter
  • Veiners
  • Wafer paper
  • Lemon extract
  • Tylose powder
  • Corn syrup and grain alcohol
  • Sand, ivory and black fondant
  • Marsala, apricot, olive and black dusts
  • Silver and black glitter
  • Brushes
  • Ball tool
  • Craft scissors
  • Black food grade marker
  • Stitch wheel
  • Strip cutter
  • Extruder
  • Offset palette knife

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To start, add 1/4 teaspoon of tylose to your ivory fondant. Grease your heel mould with shortening. Then, knead your prepared ivory fondant into it and press it into the heel mould, trying to place the smooth side down. Use a rolling pin to ensure the fondant is all the way in the mould.


Remove the excess fondant with a palette knife.


Allow the heel to set for 10 minutes in the freezer.


Once you’ve carefully removed the heel from its mould, you’ll want to check for the correct height. You may have to elongate the heel a little as you’ll want the bottom to be touching your work surface and the top to be flush with the top of the styrofoam form. Do this carefully by gently pulling down on the heel with your forefinger and thumb.


Allow the heel to dry for 24 hours, longer if time permits.


Dust your styrofoam form with corn starch.


Prepare your work surface with shortening. Roll out a thin piece of black fondant mixed with tylose, place the heel on top and cut around.


Apply glue to the surface of the heel. Place the cut out piece of black fondant on to the heel. TIP: You can make a glue mixture with a little tylose and water.


Roll out a thin layer of black fondant. Place the sole template on top, cut around.


Then set aside.


Roll out about 1/8 inch/0.3cm thickness of ivory fondant mixed with tylose and cut out the sole template once again.


Brush a little glue on to the black sole and lay the ivory sole on top of it. Place onto the styrofoam form. Put a small black strip of fondant around the tip of the heel.


Apply glue to the heel and secure into place.


Ensure there is a tiny gap at the back of the heel for the quarter - the ‘leather’ backing.


Roll out a thin piece of sand fondant mixed with tylose, trace around the sole template and cut out the inner sole.


Use your stitch wheel for realistic detailing. Then, cut around the inner sole once again as you want it to be narrower than the sole. Cut away the tip of the inner sole.


Apply just enough glue to adhere the inner sole.


Place on top of the sole.


Roll out two thin pieces of ivory and sand fondant.


Add a small amount of glue to the ivory fondant and place the sand fondant on top of the ivory. Place the quarter (back heel) template onto the fondant. Using a parrot tulip cutter on an angle, slightly make an imprint higher than the template.


Trace and cut out the quarter.


With a ball tool, thin the very tips of your cut out.


Place your cut out onto a veiner (I used a parrot tulip veiner), imprinting the entire cut out.


Make a line in the centre with your stitch wheel.


Apply glue to the inside and bottom of your quarter piece (sand fondant side).


Centre your piece and adhere to the heel and shank. Hold this piece into place for a couple of minutes. When it feels as though it’s secure, you can then shape it gently.


Roll out about 1/8”/0.3cm thickness of ivory with tylose fondant, trace and cut out the toe template. Allow to set for a minute. Glue the inside and bottom of the cut out toe piece.


Adhere to the sole. You can place some tissue inside the toe piece until it dries.


Roll out a piece of ivory fondant mixed with tylose. I marked with a 1”/2.5cm strip cutter.


Then, cut the strips into 1/2”/1.25cm wide/1.25cm and 8”/20.32cm in length with the pizza wheel. I also cut an angle on each end to attach flush to the shoe.


Beginning at the top, apply glue to the outside and bottom of the tip of the strip and adhere just inside the quarter. Then, do the same to the other end and apply it to the outside of the sole. Hold into place for a moment.


Do the same to the second strip. Add a dab of glue where the two strips cross and hold into place for a moment. Place loosely rolled paper towel inside the shoe for support. Allow to dry for 24 hours, longer if time permits.


Dust the heel starting with marsala dust.


Gradually dust with apricot and randomly dust the toe, straps and outside sole.


Dust the quarter (flower petal heel), now incorporating the olive dust along with the marsala and apricot.


Mix black dust with lemon extract and paint ‘veins’ onto the outside of the quarter.


Apply glue to the tip of the flower petal heel.


Using an extruder and black fondant, apply a thin line along the tip of the flower petal heel.


Roll out a thin piece of black fondant and make a cut out using a small oval cutter.


Apply glue to the oval piece and sprinkle with black glitter. Set aside.


Using various petal cutters (I used parrot tulip and peony cutters), trace onto wafer paper with a food grade marker. Cut the pieces out using craft scissors.


Flip a petal over, marker side down, and brush entirely with water.


Flip over again, marker side up, and place wet side down on a veiner. Press gently. I used parrot tulip, poppy and peony veiners. Use both parts of the veiners as you’ll appreciate the different curves and movement they’ll create. Allow to dry.


Once dried, you’ll have slight veins and movement in your petals.


Dust your petals with olive, marsala and apricot.


Using the black dust and lemon extract mixture, paint veins on your petals.


Set out to dry for a few minutes.


Dab a few lines of corn syrup and grain alcohol mixture (only add enough alcohol to get a shampoo consistency) on the painted and dusted petals. Sprinkle silver glitter. You can also do this to the flower petal heel piece as well.


I used 11 petals on the shoe in a variety of sizes, the leftover petals were applied to the base. Dab the corn syrup and alcohol mixture on to the underside of the petal and apply to the straps and the base of the shoe. Hold each petal into place for a moment. I only dabbed the mixture onto the very bottom of the petals as I wanted the petals to appear to have movement. You could cover the entire underside of the petals should you want to adhere them flush to the shoe. Arrange the petals to your liking. In the very centre where the straps cross, you can place the black oval glitter piece. Once you remove your shoe from its styrofoam form, you can carefully wipe away the corn starch from the sole with a damp paper towel. Note: Remember to make a fondant circle, mixed with tylose, the same colour as your cake base and set out to dry for 24 hours or more. This will go under the stiletto heel to prevent sinking once placed on the cake.