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This article was taken from our February 2017 Issue

Free Kitty Cupcakes Tutorial

Learn how to create these adorably realistic kitty cupcakes by Sachiko Windbiel of mimicafe Union.

Equipment Required

  • Rolling pin
  • Toothpicks
  • Pin
  • Yellow sculpting tool
  • Green sculpting tool
  • Pointed sculpting tool
  • Craft/X-Acto knife
  • 2 x small paintbrush
  • Edible marker colours: brown, black, green
  • Black petal dust
  • Confectioner’s glaze
  • Fondant: 85g grey, 43g white, 14g black, pink
  • Flower stem wire
  • Small gum paste balls (dried in advance)
  • Kitty claws (made in advance)
  • Kitty teeth (made in advance by shaping gum paste into rice grains)

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You will need four mini cupcakes and chocolate ganache (if you prefer, you may use buttercream instead).


Use a toothpick to attach one cupcake to another.


Repeat for the other two cupcakes.


Spread the frosting on top of the cupcakes, this layer will act as an adhesive for the layer of fondant. The application does not need to be neat.


For the Eyes: Hold the dried gum paste balls in your fingers. Draw a small reference dot in the centre of each ball with the black marker.


With the brown marker, draw a wider circle around the first black dot. Smudge the colours together with the tip of your finger.


With the green marker, add green hues to the eyes. Gently mix the colours with the tip of your finger. Draw pupils in the centre of the eyes using the black marker.


Using the X-acto knife, carefully pull the blade out from the pupils, repeating this light cut out around the pupils to create a distinctive iris.


For the Kitty’s Chest: Cover the four mini cupcakes with half of the grey fondant.


Apply a portion of white fondant and use the pointed sculpting tool to add fur texture lines.


For the Kitty’s Tail and Paws: Shape small portions of grey fondant into four small oblong bits. Add white fondant to three of the ends and black fondant to the last. Shape the black fondant into a tail tip.


Use a sculpting tool to create the toes and make small indentations in the white fondant.


Use a pointed sculpting tool to create lines in the tail. Attach the paws with two paws coming down from the torso and the third paw coming from under the body. Attach the tail to appear that it is coming out from behind the cat and fold it towards the body. Use the pointed sculpting tool to add more fur definition.


Add a small portion of white fondant to half a ball of grey fondant.


Attach the half ball to the centre of the cat’s head, creating a raised area for the nose/snout. Then, with your fingers, lightly pull up the fondant on the corners of the head to create ears.


Add a little bit of black fondant to the tips of the cat ears. Gently insert the sculpting tool into the ears and use to add definition to their edges.


Add a thin layer of white fondant over the nose/snout.


Use the pointed tool to add fur lines.


Make eye socks and add definition to the nose using a sculpting tool.


Use the sculpting tool to indent an inverted Y shape at the point of the snout. Press a thin layer of black fondant onto the mouth area. Indent and shape the mouth area.


Add a small amount of red fondant into the mouth for the tongue.


Add a small portion of black fondant on each of the two eye sockets. Press, widen and shape the fondant in.


Place the eyeballs onto the eye sockets. Press them in with a toothpick.


Define the nose with a sculpting tool. Add a small circle of black fondant on the end of the cat’s nose. Place a small upside down triangle of red fondant on top of the black tip. Use a pin to poke nostrils.


Use your thumb to shape and define the face.


Also define the cheeks.


Add grey eyebrows. With a sculpting tool, press a thin layer of pink fondant into the ears.


Use the pointed sculpting tool to create definition between the head and torso. Use a pin to add freckle dots just below the nose.


Brush on stripes of black dust.


Gently insert fondant tooth fangs.


Gently insert fondant claws.


Insert flower stem wires for the whiskers.


Use the back of a toothpick to apply confectioner’s glaze to the eyes to create a shiny effect.


For the Ball of Yarn: Roll out a portion of fondant in any colour of your choice and make score marks. Apply chocolate ganache to a mini cupcake.


Apply the fondant to the top of the cupcake. Add another piece of scored fondant on top.


Apply black petal dust to add shadow and dimension. Apply a single strand of fondant coming off the cupcake to add to the fun!