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This article was taken from our July 2016 Issue Buy this issue now

FREE Modern Graffiti Cake Tutorial

Amanda Lee is an award-winning cake decorator and instructor based in Adelaide, Australia. Her signature style features hand-painted techniques and contemporary elements finished with an artistic lilt. Amanda takes us through her tutorial, displaying how easy it is to create a striking graffiti cake design.


Equipment Used:

  • 7“, 6” depth cake
  • 6”, 6” depth cake
  • 5”, 4” depth cake
  • 9” wooden cake board
  • White fondant
  • Green fondant darkened with a touch of Americolour Black & Forest Green gel colour
  • Large & Small Rolling Pins
  • Paint Palette or small ramekins
  • Decorators Alcohol or Rose Spirit
  • Cornflour dabber
  • Cake Smoothers
  • Assortment of Paintbrushes (large flat brush, medium flat brush, medium round brush)
  • Fruit crate/trimmed cardboard box
  • Ruler
  • Pizza cutter/knife
  • Fabric Texture mat
  • Gumpaste
  • Rolkem Super Gold Dust
  • Sweetsticks Edible Art Paints – White, Pink, Black (can be substituted with other alcohol-based edible paints)
  • Americolour Forest Green Gel
  • Wax paper
  • Turntable
  • Basic Royal Icing

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Step 1

Start by preparing the gold strip decorations. Roll out some gumpaste and impress with the fabric texture mat.

Step 1b

Measure out 1cm thick strips and cut with a pizza cutter or knife. Make approximately 5 strips to make up for any breakages.

Step 1c

Trim the strips to different lengths, with some of the ends cut straight and some at an angle. Leave overnight to dry.

Step 2

Cover the 2 smallest cakes with white fondant. Cover the largest cake with dark green fondant. Sharpen the edges using your cake smoothers.

Step 3a

Place the 6 inch cake on your turntable. Dilute 1 drop of Forest Green gel with just over 1 teaspoon worth of the decorator’s alcohol. Using a large flat brush, paint bold curved strokes onto the cake.

Step 3b

Cover the entire cake with this pattern, spacing the motif evenly and trying to have the strokes facing different directions. This should dry within a few minutes. Clean your brush well after use.

Step 3c

Mix together the white & pink Edible Art Paints to form a pastel pink colour. Using the large flat brush again, paint “rough” straight strokes all over the cake. Try and fill in the white spaces in between the green motif.

Step 3d

Prepare your work area by laying some wax paper on your bench surface. Place a fruit crate/trimmed cardboard behind your cake to act as a splashback. Dilute the black Edible Art Paint ever so slightly with a few drops of decorator’s alcohol. Load a medium flat brush heavily with the black paint mix then aiming towards the sides of your cake, apply sharp forward swipes with your brush, allowing the paint to flick organically all over your cake surface.

Step 3e

Mix the Rolkem Super Gold dust with some decorator’s alcohol to create gold paint. Repeat the same painting process as done previously with the black paint, flicking gold paint all over the sides of the cake.

Step 3f

Load a medium round brush heavily with gold lustre paint and apply “drips” to various sections of the cake by dabbing the cake surface gently and allowing paint to roll down the side of the cake.

Step 4

Lay the dried gumpaste strips on wax paper and paint them with the gold lustre paint. Leave to dry for a few minutes and repeat with a second layer of gold paint.

Step 5

Stack your tiers and attach them with royal icing.

Step 6

To finish off, attach the gold strip decorations onto your cake with royal icing.

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