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This article was taken from our February 2020 Issue Buy this issue now

Free Sweet Heart Cake Tutorial

Have a go at this fantastic tutorial by Amy Coyle from SweetStamp!

Amy is the creator of the SweetStamp concept. SweetStamp was created about two years ago when she saw a gap in the market for this style of lettering. Since its launch, Amy has expanded the range in fonts and designs in which you can emboss your own custom messages and texture. With a long history in cake decorating, she has been able to grow and collaborate with cakers around the world with her SweetStamp products. Amy is inspired by new trends and styles and of course, all the very talented people in this industry.

Equipment Required:

  • SweetStamp Classic Set
  • SweetStamp PickUpPads: Large, Round
  • 3 x SweetStamp Blank Canvas Heart Cake Topper
  • SweetStamp Blank Canvas Heart Cutter
  • SweetStamp Professional Brush Duo
  • SweetStamp Love Elements
  • Sweet Sticks Edible Art Decorative Paints: Magnolia, Black, White
  • Fondant
  • Gel pastes
  • Craft knife
  • Rolling pins
  • Smoothers
  • Paintbrushes

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Step 1

Roll out fondant and place on a cake tier. It's very important to have a solid base under the fondant, I love using ganache and letting it set. Simply brush water lightly over the set ganache to help the fondant stick. Once in place, I suggest securing from the top and corners using a smoother and your hands. You need to make sure the fondant won't rip.

Step 2a

This is the part that requires practice. Ease out the folds by gently opening and securing to the side of the cake; don't focus on one area, keep working your way around the cake.

Step 2b

Once you have the fondant attached, use the knife to cut excess. TIP: If new to covering cakes with fondant, don't try to cover a tall cake. Aim to begin with a 6" round 3/4" high tier. Or even better, practise on dummy cakes until confident.

Step 3a

Now onto the fun part. Using the Love Elements, you are ready to emboss into the fresh fondant. Using the PickUpPad (which comes in two sizes), simply ‘pick up’ the chosen element to create a stamper.

Step 3b

Gently emboss into the fondant.On round cakes, you need to emboss and pivot. The pressure depends on the strength of fondant, a light emboss usually does it!

Step 3c

Once the pattern/design/lettering is embossed onto the cake, lightly go over with a smoother.

Step 4

This is the part I enjoy the most… painting! Using a good quality brush, paint the embossing in black edible paint.

Step 5

Now the cakes are done, it's time to use the Blank Canvas Topper and Cutter. Roll out fondant in desired colours.

Step 6a

Using the cutter, cut out the shape. There are six toppers with matching cutters to choose from. The heart is perfect for this design.

Step 6b

Place the cut fondant directly onto the topper. Usually you don't need edible glue for this but if you used too much cornflour to roll out the fondant, you might need a little to help.

Step 7a

Using the Classic lettering set, simply remove the desired letters from the tray with some sticky fondant.

Step 7b

Line the letters up exactly as you wish them to be embossed into fresh fondant.

Step 8a

Using the Large PickUpPad, remove the protective film.

Step 8b

Using the soft side, press down on the lettering and emboss into the fondant.

Step 8c

The PickUpPad holds the letters and pulls them off the fondant so you don't have to individually remove them.

Step 9a

For the painting of the toppers, use red and white edible art paint.

Step 9b

Start with a shadow around the hearts.

Step 9c

Then paint in the lettering.

Step 10

Dowel and stack the tiers and arrange the toppers as desired.