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One Response to Get our new issue now!

  1. Mrs Lynn Webb

    Hi, Rosie, its ages since i last contacted you !!!…I’m so very pleased that ‘Cakemasters ‘is still going from strength to strength, i love the magazine, (as i told you many moon’s ago )lol, i have purchased every copy, and they never fail to deliver all the best in cake decorating, and sugarcraft in general .
    I look forward to going into my local ‘WH Smiths ‘and seeing your wonderful magazine, there on the shelf just waiting for me to pick it up, and take it home. I always make myself a coffee and i sit down with no other distractions around me, and i read it from cover to cover, oh, what bliss, then i have to come back to reality again !!!….lol. But with all of those fantastic tutorials, and other information, i keep coming back to have a read (another read, that is ). …!!!
    Well, Rosie i feel I’ve taken up quite enough of your time , and you have done so well in what you’ve achieved, so far, and i hope, that everything goes to plan for your future. (And, I’m very sure that it will )!!!..take care with very kind regards from Lynn Webb. Xxx