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Free Glistening Floral Branch Cake

Jackie Swain from Night Kitchen Bakery is a self-taught cake and sugar artist based in Philadelphia, PA. She has a passion for designing cakes that challenge her versatile craft and technique. Inspired by modern twists on classic cakes is what drives her artistry. Take a look at her tutorial to see how she constructed this modern winter cake.

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Step 1

Cover the cakes in light blue fondant created with the navy blue gel. Cover the separator in white fondant painted gold with a Pastry Ideale gold powder/vodka mix.

Step 2

When the gold paint is dry, brush the separator with a petal powder/water mix and adhere edible gold flakes and gold glitter. When dry, stack together.

Step 3

Roll out gum paste very thin. Using the rose cutters, cut out five of each size.

Step 4

Starting with the two smallest sized petals, roll out and thin the edges with the ball tool on the flower foam pad.

Step 5

With only the first two petals, use an icing needle to curl the petal running parallel from the point.

Step 6

Brush a small amount of petal powder/water mix onto a foam or gum paste bud. Point the curled side directly upward and in a curling motion, add the petal onto the bud. Interlock the second petal with the first and repeat the curling motion. Add petal powder/water as needed.

Step 7

Repeat Step 4 using the next three petals and overlap on the bud tucking the last petal underneath the first.

Step 8

Continue with five petals.

Step 9

Continue again until the flower is full with petals

Step 10

Shape the outside petals slightly pinching to give the rose natural movement. Set to dry overnight.

Step 11

When the rose is dry, use gold powder and a medium paintbrush to dust the edges of the petals. Repeat Steps 3-6 to form the second smaller rose and dust with gold powder when dry.

Step 12

Roll out gum paste very thin and cut out three leaves with the leaf cutter.

Step 13

Insert white wire into the bottom of the leaf.

Step 14

Ball tool the outer edges.

Step 15

Place the gum paste leaf into the leaf mould and press down.

Step 16

Make sure the leaves are slightly curved outward.

Step 17

Set to dry.

Step 18

When the leaves are dry, tape together with white floral tape.

Step 19

Start with one leaf.

Step 20

Add in others while working your way down the wire.

Step 21

Paint the leaves with gold powder/vodka mix and set aside to dry. Repeat twice more.

Step 22

Starting with one long and one shorter wire, wrap the branches together with brown floral tape.

Step 23

When you have taped 1-2”, wrap the shorter wire only until you reach the end point.

Step 24

Repeat moving higher and higher as you continue taping.

Step 25

I made ten branches varying in size from very short to extremely tall.

Step 26

Brush the finished branches with petal powder/water mix.

Step 27

Dip a medium paintbrush in gold glitter and tap the brush over the branches with your index finger. Make sure to cover all parts of the branch. Set to dry

Step 28

Using gold edible flakes, repeat Steps 22-26

Srep 29

Position the branches on the cake and use the brown wire to hold in place. I take a long wire and fold in half, position the branch between the ends and push the wire in.

Step 30

Carefully, insert the leaves into the bottom tier of the cake. Cover the leaf insertion holes with the two finished roses. Enjoy the sparkle!

Step 31

Your cake is finished!