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Homemade Modelling Tools

From Sachiko Windbiel of mimicafe Union, this Cake Hack shows you how to make your own miniature modelling tools. All you need is a craft knife, an eraser, toothpicks, scissors and plastic wrap. Follow these simple steps to create the perfect tools for modelling adorable figures like Sachiko’s!

  1. With the craft knife, make about four vertical cuts through the end of eraser, approximately 0.5cm apart. Cut a horizontal line across the tops of the cuts you just made, creating four miniature eraser cubes. Using your craft knife, create the different shapes and angles that will be useful for your project.

  2. Cut some small square of plastic wrap and place each small eraser shape in a small piece of plastic wrap.

  3. Tighten the plastic wrap by twisting it in the back.

  4. Place point of a tooth pick firmly into the base of the eraser piece. Cut the excess plastic wrap.

  5. There you have your Eraser Modelling Tool! There are many different shapes and angles that you can create, you could make a full set.

Sachiko’s modelling tools are perfect for defining facial features!

For more information about Sachiko and her models, visit:

Looking for some more hints and tips for sugar modelling?

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