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How to Make – Hot Cross Bun Tutorial

Hot Cross Buns? Or are they?

Just in time for Easter, England’s traditional Hot Cross Bun takes on a new and tasty twist. This month’s issue features a tutorial from Sarah Jones of The Chocolate Strawberry on how to make hand-painted Hot Cross Bun cupcakes. Sarah’s beautifully simplistic, elegant and unique cakes are an inspiration to us as she is a self-taught cake artist that now teaches her techniques and has even recently appeared on Channel 4’s Kirsty Allsop’s Handmade Christmas.

This tutorial is filled with neat tips and tricks that will make your hot cross bun cupcake look like the real thing. Sarah shares great tips such as methods of colour washing and paint layering that makes this cupcake look so authentic and realistic you will not even be able to tell that it’s a cupcake!

So much detail and thought put into simple ideas of dark and light colouring to really recreate the look of a freshly baked Hot Cross Bun. Truly remarkable! Sarah suggests a photo is always helpful to recreate something realistically. So grab photo of a Hot Cross Bun, this month’s edition of Cake Master’s magazine and recreate your very own unique little Hot Cross Bun masterpiece.

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