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I Guerrieri Collaboration The Warriors

Take a look at this beautiful collaboration that looks at the representation of cancer patients during their journey. Founder, Claudia Zara tells us more …

Tell us about your collaboration

The theme of this collaboration is the representation of how cancer patients, lymphoma or leukemia react to the disease. The Warriors is a collaboration that has the intent to help the patients both morally and physically.

We tell true stories of relatives, friends, celebrities, who fight with these diseases and the support of families and associations. Mainly, we represent the courage of these people and their strength, so we hope they are a stimulus, hope and example for other patients to find the strength to fight. With our works we promote a collection of funds for prevention and research through the Lilt Provincial Headquarters Barletta-Andria-Trani (Italian League for the Fight against Cancer) that will receive donations through their website: to make a donation, click on the Donate Now button.

What inspired you to do this theme?

The Warriors Collaboration was born in June 2017. My father was hospitalized for neuroendocrine tumor in the esophagus; he was weak, tired of too many battles (he fought for 19 years with Hodgkin’s lymphoma, acute leukemia, jaw tumor, innumerable chemotherapies, radiotherapies, bone marrow transplants, autografting and surgical procedures). I wanted her to find the strength to fight again, so I contacted several cake designer colleagues to create works that instil courage and hope. Unfortunately, on July 1st, my father died, but I hope to pass on some of his strength, telling his story and his great teaching: always struggling because life is beautiful. It is not only his teaching, but also of many great warriors like him and silently fighting these diseases. The collaboration has become a great work that contains the soul of artists, family, friends, hopes and fears, small victories, love … and much more!

Tell us about some of the pieces that have been made

The works that have been created are all full of emotions. The artists had to face a very difficult subject, especially for many of them who, like me, lost a loved one. Some artists are themselves sick and they moved me concentrating their energies on this project also being under care and they created real masterpieces. Others did not know these ills personally, but they did a wonderful job to help others. Other artists have been inspired by mythology and legends, another artist has told of his experience as a volunteer with sick children, another has captured the power of family love. They are all magnificent works! You must read each story to discover a world that is scary but also rich in immense love!

How many members were there in your collaboration?

Initially, we were 40. After the death of my father, the project became a mission for me and I tried to involve more artists, then decided to stop at 210 members. After several problems with the previous association the number has decreased considerably as long as we remained in 84.

How did you decide on this group of people?

I think I’m democratic, I do not like limits. I left the freedom of choice on dimensions, techniques, supports, etc … The only point on which I was determined was that the works had to be positive and meaningful as hope, courage, strength and love, rather than simply focusing on adverse effects and suffering that these diseases entail. We have voted to decide the final date for the delivery of the works, only to try to satisfy everyone’s needs and, in the end, we have even exceeded the date established for technical reasons. I tried to do my best and I hope I succeeded. The 84 artists of I Guerrieri are a wonderful group of sensitive souls, despite the various vicissitudes have not abandoned the project, have trusted me (and I will never thank them enough) and have patiently waited well knowing that in this project we are not looking simple like but we try to help the sick with concrete help: donations!

Did something go wrong during the trial?

As with any long-term collaboration, many artists have given up due to various problems of time, health or work. But the majority abandoned us because of the long delay in publication that was caused by an association that initially claimed to be a part of the project, committing to building the website and creating the online donation section, but after a year and half of preparations (always postponed because of their delays) we were ready and 4 days after the publication they abandoned the project asking to censor the works because they do not fit their message of care (my suspicion is that they were not ready with the website). I obviously spoke to the artists telling them that we would find another association and that I categorically refused to censor the works. Obviously they all agreed with me, they understood the situation, they had patience that was rewarded when we then found the LILT Provincial Headquarters Barletta-Andria-Trani who understood the positive spirit of this initiative and was happy to participate and prepare to receive donations by providing fast work on the website to allow us to publish the collaboration.

If you did it again, what would you do differently?

Honestly I do not know what to say, we have formed a nice group and we have overcome the various problems.

If I had to do another collaboration, how should the others be involved?

I found friendships that have become very important to me and have helped me with competence and patience and I thank them from the bottom of my heart. So in a second edition, I would like to see them immediately at my side as organizers, of course I would like if there were also other artists willing to spend time helping in the organization. Unity is strength. Surely I would extend the invitation to participate in a second edition to the artists who, due to personal or work problems, could not participate.

Find out more about this collaboration on Facebook.