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Interview with Dot Klerck

February 2015

In this month’s issue of Cake Masters Magazine, we are very excited to interview Dot Klerck from Eat Cake Party! Dot is a “stay at home mom” that does so much more than just baking brownies for soccer practice. Dot is making huge moves in the cake designing industry! She stuck around to tell us all the details surrounding what her life is like today, and how she got there.

She tells us about how she got her start as a sculpture and design student, moving on to artisan breads after taking a class that she fell in love with! After that it was on to her first little business, cupcakes! And from there, her drive to serve the world through delicious and impeccably designed cakes and tasty treats grew enormously. Now we all know her as the woman who makes insanely cool 3D cake designs! Blending her baking, design, and sculpting skills all together, Dot Klerck is making her mark on the industry.

She shares with us about her love of all things artistic. She says, even if she weren’t a cake designer, she’d still be doing something artistic! She lets us in on some of her personal business ventures that let her know that she had a knack for all things artistic.

Dot also divulges all of the details of her time with Buddy, from Cake Boss! They met at the Good Food and Wine show in Cape Town, South Africa. Dot goes into great detail about their experience together, and exactly what he is like in person!

Get the tutorial in the February 2015 issue of  Cake Masters Magazine.

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