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Interview with Janet O’Sullivan

In this month’s issue of Cake Masters magazine, read the inspiring interview with Janet O’Sullivan from Janet O’Sullivan Cake Design and get a glimpse of what has made her such a success. The story of her career is enlightening and will motivate any aspiring cake decorator. The love and bond that she reveals she has with her husband and children will warm your heart. Learn how this strong bond and love is so motivating and has led to her and her husband creating strong, successful businesses. Find out personal fun tidbits she shares about her family; her very interesting career path and what cool other jobs she has had in the past; her inspirations and idols; what tools she cannot live without, her three most favourite cakes to date; cake decorating tips for you the readers; and of course future plans. Get a glimpse of her unique and intricate work and come take a look at some cakes of hers we have featured in this month’s spread. We show her Pink Asics shoes, as well as absolutely adorable birthday cake for a 1 year old.

This interview is a perfect read for aspiring cake artists, come find out the secrets that have led to the success off her unique and intricate cakes and get some fun personal tips that are impressive with a touch of good sweet fun in March’s edition of Cake Masters magazine.

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