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This article was taken from our August 2021 Issue Buy this issue now

Interview with Roxy & Rich for their 10th Anniversary CELEBRATION!

When just a little girl, Roxane enjoyed making barley sugar candy with her mother to share with her friends at school, who were crazy about it. It was an instant hit! Even then, she was already mixing colours to make her sweets (even more) irresistible.

As a child, Richard handled pots, pans, and utensils like a pro. He mixed, created, and dreamed of one day becoming a chef.

Several years later, Roxane and Richard united to create a stunning universe of colours, showcasing a range of innovative and inspiring food colourings.

That’s when they founded Roxy & Rich.

The stars of the show: Roxy & Rich!

During the first year, they focused on process development to offer high-quality coloured chocolates. They then introduced their Coloured Cocoa Butter products to a local distributor, and instantly made their first sale.

Roxy & Rich soon began to sell into the United States and Europe market. In addition, they expanded their product line to offer powder dyes: Hybrid Lustre Dust, Hybrid Sparkle Dust, and Fat Dispersible. These three lines of colourants work very well to dry brush, paint, and colour chocolate.Roxy & Rich expanded their product line to offer powder dyes

In 2015, a big year, they developed a brand new product on the market: Fondust. This revolutionary food colourant is 100% edible, and recognised for its high quality and high pigmentation to colour fondant – the new replacement for gel dyes. A small amount is enough to achieve a vibrant, immediate colour that doesn’t change the taste and above all, doesn’t change the consistency. This product was also a finalist for Best Product at the Cake Masters Magazine Awards.

Fondust finalist for Best Product at the Cake Masters Magazine Awards

The following year, Roxy & Rich acquired a new image that now further supports their premium product lines. The quality of their ingredients and attention to detail, as well as great respect for and listening to their customers, allowed them to position themselves throughout the world! They’re now fully dedicated to the field of food colouring and have a mission: to push passion to the next level while unleashing creativity, by offering a magical world of high-quality colours, enabling you to create culinary masterpieces with unparalleled ease. Quality, 100% edible, high-performance products that help solve challenges are part of the very heart of the company. Whether in the field of cake design, cookies, chocolate, pastries, or candies, Roxy & Rich is here to find a solution, and offer the best customer service to support their clients.

The Cake Masters Magazine Awards 2018 are the best memories that they have, as they were lucky enough to be at the same table as Kerry Vincent and her husband. OSSAS (Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show), and The New York Cake Show were also great opportunities to see her again! She was an incredible woman and left an incredible legacy.

2018 was also the year that Roxy & Rich developed two incredible natural colour product lines: Fat Dispersible and Coloured Cocoa Butter.

In 2019, they presented Chocolate Cake Drip! As always, there was no resemblance to other products on the market. Their innovation team developed an excellent recipe with cocoa butter, real chocolate, and maple sugar. It was an instant success, and a product that’s continued to grow since.

Roxy & Rich Cake Drip Products

What a year 2020 was for the entire world! It was the biggest challenge, and one that Roxy & Rich had never had before. They all feared for their health, and that of their loved ones and employees, in addition to all the difficulties/challenges that this brought. They had to reinvent themselves, and their business too (with homeschooling, working from home, Zoom meetings, etc.). Their artists brought joy during the pandemic, sharing amazing creations with Roxy & Rich colours. Thank you all for your support, delicious creations, and magnificent visuals. Together, in combination with your works of art and their food colouring, it tells a story, and creates memories, even if virtually, despite the difficulties that the pandemic has brought to us all. At the very core of the company are passion, community, and mutual supportiveness. Clients, Ambassadors, and collaborators are very important – a HUGE thanks to them for taking time to talk and present products. They’re all so generous and respected.

Roxy & Rich just moved into a new factory, four times bigger than the other one! They have the vision to become world leader in 100% edible food colouring. They want to be even more present with their distributors, be more proactive, and develop magnificent long-term relationships. They want to share their know-how with the community and develop a commitment to both professional and amateur artists. Everyone is welcome in their beautiful and big family. There’s a piece of a cake, chocolate, cookie, pastry, or candy for everyone! That’s why they celebrate their 10th anniversary with all of you. Stay tuned – to spoil you, and to show how grateful they are, lots of marketing tools will be available in the next year!

Roxy & Rich Fondust

Through constant research and development of new products, reflecting current trends in baking, Roxy & Rich is today positioned as an undisputed leader in its field. From amateurs to professionals, everyone is won over by the wide variety of vibrant colours, unique finishes, and exceptional performance of the products. Whether for cake design, chocolate making, or pastries, Roxy & Rich’s 100% edible colours have become indispensable. The future promises to be just as dazzling, with the arrival of a multitude of new products. Roxy & Rich offers you a journey into a universe of colours, brilliance, and refinement, where the only limit is your imagination…

And don’t miss out on their fantastic products – check out the Roxy & Rich website, their Facebook, or Instagram! You can even celebrate this very special 10 year anniversary with us by entering the the Collect the Colours Competition, in association with Roxy & Rich, where ten people have the chance to win ten products valued at $100…ENTER  NOW!COLLECT THE COLOURS