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This article was taken from our January 2020 Issue Buy this issue now

January 2020 Review: The Flower Paste

This month we had the chance to try The Flower Paste, a brand-new product from The Cake Decorating Company.

To test the paste, we decided to make a pink sugar rose.

The Flower Paste and the Pink Sugar Rose

To start, we took a small portion of The Flower Paste and added a tiny drop of pink gel colour to form a soft pink shade. We really like how The Flower Paste starts as Bright White allowing you to create endless colours! – As the paste has a smooth and slightly softer, but firm texture, the gel colour blended in quickly and easily without changing the consistency of the paste.

To begin forming the rose we tapered a small ball to form a bud shape. We really liked how easy The Flower Paste was to handle, the paste wasn’t sticky and held it’s shape really well. We set aside the bud and began rolling out more of the paste for the petals. We were amazed at how thin The Flower Paste could be rolled without any tearing, the texture remained smooth and was still firm enough to pick up and handle without any stretching!

Small Flower Bud Shape

Once the paste was rolled out, we began cutting out the petals and thinning the edges on a foam pad. The ball tool didn’t cause any tearing, even with a heavy amount of pressure!

Thinning the Edges of the Petals

We continued forming our rose making each petal individually, tucking the petals inside each other to form a more realistic style. We were very impressed with the slower drying time of The Flower Paste, we were able to keep adjusting the petals for some time after they had been formed without any cracking or breaking.

Tucking Petals Inside The Rose

The rose had maintained an amazing shape after allowing some time to dry, allowing us to easily apply additional shading with pink petal dust without any distortion.

Shading With Pink Petal Dust

Overall, we couldn’t be more impressed with The Flower Paste. It has all the essential properties needed to make beautiful sugar flowers and moulded elements. The texture is smooth, flexible but still firm, it colours brilliantly, can be rolled very thin, isn’t sticky, doesn’t dry out quickly and a little goes a long way! The Flower Paste isn’t only just amazing for making flowers, it would also be perfect for making buds, leaves, twigs, using in a mould and much more! – Very highly recommended!